Weave your own Legend – 2 dynamic FREE calls and one is today!

Dear Ones, My Joys, Sisterhood of Legendary Women…

Each woman holds the many colored threads of her life in her own hands…it is up to her to weave them together into a life she is proud to call her own. The re-invention of ones life into a legend isn’t something that just happens, this is a soul searching journey, a practice, a ritual, and is best attempted in the company of other sisters. Hopefully ones with wildish natures willing to be brave with us as we dance out of our old stories and learn new moves.

Part of my legend this year is that I do things at my own pace and rhythm.  Or at least I set that intention and try. I don’t let the media drive me or work late into the night or not take days off. I exit the world as needed. AND I still show up for what is important – to share my work and to share the work of others. And yes, I still FB and Twitter as a part of the weave of my life. I have found a way to do it that feels natural for me – a part of my own story and song. And I get to work with women like Juila Stege, my friend and fellow Cosmic Cowgirl – to share the goodness of doing things our own way…if you have been wondering how to creat social media that reflects who you are – and not do it the way the world says to do it —- come on over for revolutionary tea between girlfriends.

Blessings to you on your day and in your own legend….what story are you unfolding?

~ Shiloh Sophia

Call today at noon pst, Social Media From The Heart with Julia Stege from GraphicGirlz!


Call on March 2 at 6pm pst, with Stella Mac, Laura Hollick from Soul Art TV ME!!