Broken Open Hearts will share their wisdom tomorrow…

My Joys,

Tonight I sit and listen to music with candles lit and my eyes burning with tears. For loss. For love. For majesty. For the absolute beauty of life. I am so glad I made such a huge decision for me, to share part of my Valentine’s journey with my sisters of loss…of grief. To make matters more tearful I am listening to a new cd called Beyond with Tina Turner, she collaborates with other Buddhist and Christian women to chant and pray…and then to top it off…I watched my friend Kristine Carlson’s videos…about her loss of her husband Richard. So it is an overall spiritually nourishing and tearful evening. Learn more about Kris and her work with healing the loss….

Join Kris and I tomorrow

Thankfully  I have a glass of red wine (medicine) and a very dear beloved is making a special order of soba noodles with garlic and butter. Yum. Anyhow….just writing to remind you about tomorrow’s call, Listen To Your Heart. This will be the first time I speak in public about the loss of the love of my life. Thankfully he still lives, and our love lives. But my heart remains in stages of unresolved panic/healing/hope/wonder.

See you soon my joys….

time for noodles…