Riding The Tiger

my dear joyful ones

we have transitioned from a year of riding the tiger

to snuggling with the rabbit of the moon.

we have move from the strain and strive of yesterday

and have accepted that we cannot always get what we want.

we have surrendered needing to be the best and the most

and have learned there is more in less than best and how far a little can really go

we have traveled valleys of challenge and rivers of pain

and guess what, some of us crossed over and we find ourselves on a new shore.

this moment, this day, is not a day on any calendar, like Rumi says,

but still, it is Chinese New Year, one more chance to begin again

and rumor has it those rabbits are alchemists of the sweet dew of life

and I myself, am ready for some of that sweetness.

I myself am stepping down off of that tiger and onto

the sweet green earth.

Come with me….

Shiloh Sophia

p.s. it is late and has been a long and winding day.

I am drinking green tea and the kitties and pink pillows

call me to rest…to nest…

I wanted to write you all day and all I had was this title,

which as inspired by last night’s Chi Gung class with

my Auntie Janet who told us tales of the Lunar Rabbit.

And I wanted to share with you a call I am having

for Valentines on Feb. 11, for those with a broken heart,

who are in loss and grief. This call will be

with Kristine Carlson. Listen to your Heart

Love has taken away my practices
and filled me with poetry.
I tried to keep quietly repeating
No strength but yours,
but I couldn’t.
I had to clap and sing.
I used to be respectable and chaste and stable
but who can stand in this strong wind
and remember those things?