Boonville beer, yams, the sea and the Red Thread Cafe

My Joys,

It is early on Saturday morning and I have the heater on full blast, a yummie rose smelling candle and my kitties are snuggled in with me. Yesterday I spent the day in Point Reyes with my lover (pronounced: lovaa’ with a flare at the end) and it was so refreshing to smell the sea air and hear the birds and be somewhere new. With all of my changes…I admit I have stayed close to home and made a lot of hot soup. I have spent most of my Winter, inside, cloistered with candles and tea at the Red Thread Cafe. Women have been coming to spend their Winter days with me…instead of me going to spend the day “out there”.

I find I need a good adventure now and then…and can get so into my own daily grind that I forget how completely significant it is to SEE and SMELL new things. We drank Boonville beer at the raggedy Old Western Saloon. Drinking Boonville Beer always makes me feel connected to home since that is where I grew up part of the time…when I drink it is like the homeopathic connection to home…The salloon had an aloe plant on the cigarette case, and there was a fire going with rockers around it. My kind of place. Then I bought a new rose candle, a whole $21 splurge but it is my favorite and I haven’t allowed myself to spend that much money on a candle for a few years, why might I ask? Kind of like when my coaching client and friend came over the other day to work on her website, and brought Cowgirl Creamery Cheese, at $17 a wheel and I told her I had not had it since last time she brought it, a few years ago. She said, Why? You have to get things like this sometimes. She also brought cupcakes. That is why I bought the designer candle. It was her fault. And I loved it when I got my red candle because right next to me at this general store place called Toby’s a woman was buying farmer’s market yams and someone else was bailing hay and another person was buying a latte and there was a fire going there too. We sat and read. I also bought an art book. I thought… this is so Cosmic Cowgirls – shiney things next to gritty things next to happy things next to utilitarian things like wool socks and pink hammers.

Then I went and got two on sale golden pillow cases for $5 a piece that I plan to paint with birds and roses. My final purchase – a bracelet made out of gunmetal with studs and stars in gold black and silver in honor of Cosmic Cowgirls, kind of like a Wonder Woman bracelet.I spent $100 and got whatever I wanted…it was so luxurious and fun…and we walked and enjoyed the water and air and the local culture and talked of the bright (possible) future. I felt joy. And I thought to myself…joy just to buy some trinkets, drink some beer and smell the sea? What the heck took me so long? I do have joy sprinkled throughout my day like powdered sugar on pancakes, but I am looking for some more and it wasn’t that far from my door….

I was grateful that Mary and Donniece had My Butterfly Blog course covered so I could go on an adventure. And I admit. I brought you with me. Do you see the particles of sand sprinkled like light across the page? Do you smell the candle? Do you feel the fire? Rock with me a while…..and enjoy the sweetness of our company.

What is the adventure you want to take? You never KNOW what will happen….While I was on my adventure, the image for my new logo came to me….and yesterday I bought a new domain for a brand I am working on for my Red Thread Cafe. Our brands change us in magical ways…as I was shopping, I began to want to buy things for the cafe…and I thought…well now that is silly, it is a blog site, not a site to sit. But no…it is also a place to sit, at my own kitchen table and clients have been being served up mighty fine coaching, painting classes, hot tea and bowls of steaming soup for over thirteen years at my pretend “Red Thread Cafe”.  So I began to think our “addresses” on the webiverse, but also wondered, about having a brand and a name that is also sacred enough to have an altar to or space for in our own homes or studios. Will you consider building a small altar in honor of your blog or brand or business name or new adventure?

I have to run now….I am teaching a Legendary Woman painting class today!

This is a RED THREAD permission slip to take an adventure for no reason and buy something like cheese or candles you might not need at the truest level, but at the truest level, you might. I did. And beer is good too.

Signed in red thread,

Shiloh Sophia

This slideshow is of my last weekend’s adventure right in my own home studio, The Red Thread Cafe, with one of my bestest friends, Christine Arylo. and somehow two other photos at the sea snuck in there, have no idea how and I got to go…

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