Finding Wings

The act of “finding wings” is of course, 

A life long journey in and of itself –

We cannot wait for inspiration to strike

Or circumstances to improve –

The time to “take wing” is always

And ever, right now.

Right now.

Right now.

And Now.

We each have to find

Our own wing cadence.

The pattern within

That invisible force

Right at our back

On each side of our arms

Waiting to fill out and lift us.

We can practice knowing

That the force of life is there.

We can pretend that we feel it

Even when we don’t.

Especially when we don’t.

Imagine that the whole

Gorgeous universe

“has your back”

That you don’t have to

Rely on your strength only.

That expecting miracles

Is your spiritual practice.

What is it you are flying toward?

Do you see your dream up ahead?

What comes first?

The dream or the wing?

Shiloh Sophia

My Joys,

Today I am going to do something  wonderful, teach a painting class for women in the Deaf community –  I am so excited to share this painting work in this magical way, it is called Vibrant Woman and I hope to do more!!!

I don’t have much time to write today so I am sharing a poem I wrote about 11 years ago – Finding Wings.

On Monday I launch a new course, My Butterfly, if you want to build your own wordpress website…or blog.

It is early and the kitty is kneeding my furry blanket, making bisquets so to speak, and I am going to make some of my special coffee!!

sending a virtual hug and a toast from my mug…

Shiloh Sophia