The Glitter from the Grit: A Blessing for Wild Things

May you choose to sift the glitter from the grit of life.


May you sharpen those internal soul tools that make self excavation possible, even when messy.

May you choose to pursue your life purpose fearlessly, no matter what bills are due.

May you realize that you don’t need to be inspired to create, and you don’t need to clean the house or the catbox first.

May you stop, stop, stop letting the inner perfectionist make decisions that hold you back from joy.

May you invite the wild self who knows how to have a really good time into your daily life.

May you let yourself off your own hooks and spend more time playing hooky and dancing in broad daylight.

May you set up an art studio in the middle of your life so that self expression can be an easy access vehicle of transportation.

May you find the tribe of folks who are strange in the same ways you are, so you do not feel alone.

May you shine your own little light, and sing it to the world even if you are off key.

May you believe the best about you –  that you do have something original to contribute to life.

May you listen to the compass of your own heart, and follow it over the path someone else suggests.

May you meow more often, roar more often, and be known to exclaim in a loud voice – as often as necessary – both what you are happy about and what you need.

May you find more ways to snuggle, kiss, pet and both give and receive profound outrageous affection.

May you let go of old stories that no longer serve, and invite your legendary self to inspiration tea parties.

May you enjoy the ripening fruits of all that you have created so far, so that your year is a bountiful harvest.

May you remember, you are a unique, lovely, wild thing, and a sacred temple of possibility.

Shiloh Sophia

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