22 Questions for Moving On – The Eve of 2011

22 Questions for Moving On by Shiloh Sophia

1. What is it I am committed to starting?

2. What is it I am committed to finishing?

3. Who is it I am excited about being?

4. Who is it in me I am excited about letting go?

5. Where is it I will spend my time?

6. Where is it I will spend less of my time?

7. Who will I reach out to and connect with?

8. Who will I surrender and let go?

9. What is it I feel really good about?

10. What is it I need to forgive myself for?

11. What abundance am I going to bring forth?

12. What excess am I going to release?

13. How will I shine my light in the world?

14. How will I stop hiding my light?

15. How will I strengthen my relationship with Spirit?

16. What excuses will I no longer use?

17. What is it my soul longs to express?

18. What is no longer serving my soul?

19. How will I care for my body?

20. How will I no longer treat myself?

21. What was the theme for my 2010?

22. What will the theme be for my 2011?
Let yourself be silently drawn

By the stronger pull of what

You truly love


22 Questions