Calling the "almost ready" Dreamers!

What will you dream into existence in 2011?

What will you answer YES to that will bring you the long hoped for joy?

What time will you take between now and the turning of the grand clock, to honor your last year and welcome your new year?

Are you “almost ready” and waiting for something to “click in” before you jump in?

Stop waiting.

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

If one does not hear a calling or imagine a dream, perhaps one has not considered oneself important enough in the scheme of things to take the time and space required to hear. We must start listening! I believe every single one of us is here to be partner the Great Dream of the grand unfolding of creation! We can say YES to our part, or we can say no. Or, like most of us, we can say a little yes and a lotta NO. But the story will continue with or without our consent. We need to know that saying YES to the small voices of little dream fragments will eventually lead to the part of the dream that we can call our own. Certainly being too busy to write, paint, dance or pray deprives us of the time and space to be visionary. That is why dreams, in order to be heard, sometimes must come like a storm in the night and rattle our windows until we get up to see what the fuss is about and suddenly find ourselves in some strange inward dialogue about the meaningless of our existence.  Caught unawares, our dream catches us up and then there is no going back. Somewhere inside of this storm, is the calm in the middle, and inside of that, happiness is possible.

“A primary responsibility that you do have, however,
is to cultivate happiness in your own life”.
~ Alice Walker to President Obama

So, in spite of any considerations regarding our lack of self esteem or importance, let us clear the way for the dream and be a space where we can hear the call. Why ever would we not? Consider right now the consequences of not doing so, and consider this: Why not bring a more profound presence of meaning and possibility into our lives? I am not suggesting we quit our jobs, or build an ark. I am not suggesting we sell all we have and go on a pilgrimage to save the world. I am suggesting, we take time to consider the age old questions the sages have been calling us to consider since time began:

“Who am I?” and “What am I here for?”

“Load the ship and set out. No one knows for certain whether the vessel will sink or reach the harbor. Cautious people say, ‘I’ll do nothing until I can be sure.’ Merchants know better. If you do nothing, you lose. Don’t be one of those merchants who wont risk the ocean!” Rumi

Suddenly one day, our dream will dawn on us and we will have that sought after sense of belonging to something akin to, well…the universe! The call may come, sweet and low like a bird swooping over the water. That bird’s presence is reflected in the ripples of the water.  Let us ripple and reflect the presence of our dreams and when we are ready, put our boat out on that water, and sail off on an adventure, together. We will navigate our course by the stars. Explore wild places. Sail into the sunset. And of course, find that wonderful satisfaction that comes from knowing, we are indeed, a part of this miraculous circumstance we call life.

Here are some words of wisdom from my girlfriend and ally that I got to share this Winter Solstice with, Christine Arylo
The Wisdom of Pause at
Winter Solstice

Inside of me there is a great space
Full of wisdom and joy,
Love and happiness…
I am just too busy to visit
For more than a few moments…

You see I have a life
Things to do
Things that take my time
For more than a few moments

Don’t get me wrong
Some of the taking of time is good
It fuels my heart and spirit
Feeds me and my family
And gives me a sense of purpose
For more than a few moments

But some of the time
That is taken and spent
On the to do’s, must do’s and should do’s
I would like to take back
For myself
For more than a few moments

Does that make me selfish?
Does that make me greedy?
How will it all get done if I don’t do it myself?
These are the thoughts that fill my head
When I think about taking my time back, creating space for me
For more than a few moments

But today I think I will change the channel
And tune my mind into a new thought stream
One that broadcasts messages like
Yes, take time, create space for yourself
For more than a few moments

For the act of creating space, slowing down, pausing
Is not one of slacking, selfishness or greed
But a daring choice of self-love
Your body, mind and body were built to pause
For more than a few moments

But in a world so un-pause friendly, the pause can seem impossible.
Until you change your channel
And tune into to the natural pauses of the earth
And match your body, spirit and mind to hers
For more than a few moments

On this day, Winter Solstice as the day goes black for long
I invite you to dance with the earth to the slowest of waltzes
Slow down your internal rhythm, move with stillness,
Find silence, reflect on your year past, and celebrate yourself
For more than a few moments

In fact take the whole night.
To love the woman or man you have become
Through the passing of this 12 months time
After all, don’t you deserve to soak in all you have done and become
For more than a few moments

Find gratitude for the surprises the year has brought.
Celebrate your successes.
Embrace your failures.
And on this night, find, gather and benefit
from the Wisdom you earned over the year
Because you chose to pause on Winter Solstice, for more than a few moments.