Want to see me in the movies? (giggle)

Hello Dear Ones,

Ok, so it is me starring in my own movie. An itty bitty documentary that was created of my Rites of Passage day last weekend, by Pam and Jim. This inspiration was to be able to share this special day with those of you who could not come, and also to provide a point of inspiration for those of you who want to have a Rites of Passage of your OWN!

A Legendary Life Mini-Documentary

Are some of you inspired to create your own Rites of Passage? I have a list of ingredients that you could use to make your own, if you want it, make a comment below and I can send it off to you.

Why a Rites of Passage?  To mark the passage of time from one phase of life to the next. To honor your journey so far. The cherish where you have been and let it go and to invite the new. To enter the new year, hands free of old baggage.

Last night, we had a Winter Solstice ritual around the fire with my friend Christine Arylo after the call we had with 100 women for the Bluebirds of Happiness. Will you call your own Bluebirds in this year? What was Solstice like for you. This time, marking the return of the light after the longest night of the year has me smiling into this sunny day with gratitude.

Sending you many blessings this holiday week – there will be more from me coming but I just wanted to share this mini-documentary with you so you could hold your piece of the red thread and I can hold it with you.

Visionaries Are Unreasonable

We all have a dream.

We all have a purpose that we can pursue as “lifework.”

But not all will choose to make our ideas into livelihood.

Those who do, are called:


We are a curious breed, entrepreneurs are.

Courageous, wild, far seeing, illuminators,

idea starters, stubborn, optimistic, big hearted,

curious, dangerous, not prone to discouragement,

right brain left brain thinkers, and…visionaries.

Did I mention, visionaries are unreasonable? We are.

Visionaries see the spaces between the spaces.

Read between the lines and articulate the gaps

on Wall street, Main street and Easy Street.

We gaze at the spaces between the stars and imagine:

What we can I create that works with/in/around the spaces?

We have a blessed urge, a passion that drives us forward.

And thankfully, we don’t listen to our “get a day job” pals.

Before any company or job ever was, there was an entrepreneur,

who dreamed up what was possible and tried it. Now it is our turn.

At the heart of the visionary entrepreneur, is love.

We look for what is wanted and needed that we have.

We choose to enter our wares into the great golden marketplace of life.

No matter what the statistics say or the economists preach.

We choose to live in possibility, prosperity and great promise.

We hear the call! And we answer it! Ready or not, here we come!