Pray Anyway

Our Lady of Love,

Speak to us of justice.

Speak to us of truth.

Speak to us of healing.

For so long

we have labored

under rules and regulations

not fit for human consumption

but didn’t see what other choice we had.

Church and government hold us

to policy and practice wholly not

fit for the matters of the heart.

It is no wonder, we lose hope.

Lose faith. And turn to vice for comfort.

Lady of Love

show us how we,

though burdened by beasts

we do not even know the names of

may continue to love regardless.

Our little flames sometimes

grow tired and we think…

oh what good does my little light do

in the valley of darkness?

But then we remember that together

our lights will light the way

and that no matter how bleak

it sometimes seems, and sometimes is…

We have to reach for love anyway.

We have to call out to God anyway.

We have to reach out our hands to one another anyway.

We have to pray…anyway.

December 15, 2010

Dear Ones, I am at the kitchen table drinking a late afternoon cup of coffee and pondering how to love, anyway. When I consider not loving because things are so tough, then I think, well that won’t do will it? How can it be that statistics of violence and pornography and child prostitution are getting worse? It is hard to wrap ones mind and heart around and so I just continue to pray and pray.

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Blessings to you today…bright cheer to you and your home…pray anyway!