You Are Invited – Rites of Passage and 16 Year Retrospective


A 16 Year Retrospective and Rites of Passage For

Here’s the Overview of Activities for December: A Legendary Life Retrospective and Rites of Passage for Shiloh Sophia and How You Can Participate

  • December 1-30 VISIT Visit Electric Rose Gallery before we close the doors on Dec. 30 707-431-1124. Open every day 11-5 or by appointment.
  • December 10 – VIEW Save the date for the Shiloh Sophia Gallery Retrospective Online Launch (special viewing link will be sent to you)
  • December 11 – PARTICIPATE in the Rites of Passage on Saturday Night, December 11, 7pm Electric Rose Gallery 107 Plaza Street, Healdsburg, California for cupcake and champagne reception.
  • December 11 & 12 CREATE your own painting with Shiloh Sophia and Sue Hoya Sellars in the Awakened Heart Workshop
  • December 1-10 WRITE Send your stories! To send Collector Stories and photos of Shiloh’s work on your wall in your home or sanctuary, or stories of Meeting Shiloh or Visiting the Gallery or letters to Shiloh or prayers or testimonials: These will be printed and INCLUDED in the ceremonial treasure chest on Saturday night, so you will be included if you cannot be here in person so send it by December 10 at 10 am!

**There are 100 paintings on exhibit. Shiloh’s paintings will go fast & there are very
progressive payment plans, read below**

We are launching the online retrospective on the 11th, but to get your first hand view of Shiloh’s current originals.

A Note from the Family, Friends and Community
of Shiloh Sophia McCloud

You are joyfully invited to join us for a Rites of Passage and a 16 Year Retrospective celebrating a transition in the life of visionary artist, Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

There are over 100 painting representing over 16 years of painting.
This retrospective is held by the community of Shiloh Sophia McCloud in honor of the legendary life and work of this artist as she transitions from almost two decades of painting, gallery ownership and entrepreneurship into a two year sabbatical to complete her book, “A Legendary Life” and to focus on the further development of her educational curriculum dedicated to providing tools for self expression.This month long celebration will have a mid-month reception on the weekend of the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 11, 2010 at Electric Rose Gallery in Healdsburg, California, and online in the upcoming
new virtual site of Shiloh Sophia Gallery.

Art in celebration of the Divine and the Mystical is ageless, but rare in modern time. McCloud’s work is at the forefront of the Sacred Arts Movement. Marked by genius, her prodigious output is rare and significant, making her a legend in her own time, with profound implications in the world of art now and in years to come.

In addition to selling her own work – Shiloh extensively promoted, launched and exhibited other women artists during her entire career as an art gallery owner.  Shiloh’s success as an artist has been phenomenal for an artist in her genre, selling over two million dollars in less than ten years. The exhibit now being shown includes pieces from almost every show, period, and gallery location.  It is comprised of pieces from personal collections, private venues, recent works, and works never before displayed. These works connote a deft transition from one period to another and are of particular interest to collectors, providing an opportunity to invest in rare works by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

It has always been the artist’s wish that it be possible for anyone who wants to own one of her pieces be able to do so. For those who need financing to make that possible, she is offering The Art Bank Trust, whereby pieces may be purchased for as little as $100 per month. A Collector’s Circle has been created to support and guide members in creating their own investment collections and serve as guardians of Shiloh’s works.

The works exhibited from the Artist’s archival collection will only be on view and available for purchase at Electric Rose from December 1 -30 and then online at the Shiloh Sophia Gallery from December 11 – January 12. Recent works will continue to be available online – however there are a limited number of recent works and many have already been sold.

Electric Rose Gallery will be closing her doors on December 30, 2010, and Cosmic Cowgirls Campus and Gallery will be opening theirs at 401 Center Street where limited works of Shiloh’s will be featured, along with those of Sue Hoya Sellars and other Cosmic Cowgirl artists.

Please join us for an Experience to Remember.
Be a part of Shiloh’s Rites of Passage in person or online

This event is produced by Robert Gomez with Sue Hoya Sellars,
Caron McCloud, Mary MacDonald and the Cosmic Cowgirls Tribe.

707-431-1124 Electric Rose 707-431-7827 Cosmic Cowgirls

Shiloh Sophia McCloud Paintings

707- 431-1124
Champagne & CupCake Reception on Saturday, Dec. 11 at 7pm
Event Producer: Robert Gomez 510-853-0510

The online gallery exhibit URL will be posted soon! Stay tuned!