Holy Grail of Healing

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Lady of Living Water

I call to you from the sands of life

Bring the holy grail of your healing

To wash over our tired feet

Bring the salty medicine of your wisdom

To wash over the wounds of weary hearts

Bring the sound of the seagulls

To dislodge the stuck places in the mind

Bring the song of the dolphins

To remind us that beauty reigns

Bring the flowers from your hair

To remind us we are connected to you

Bring us your understanding

To guide us when to keep going, and when to stop and rest.

And to those whose days are too long

and who labor without water

Bring them your holy thirst quenching hope, my Lady…

My Lady…My Lady….My Lady

I bow to thee.

Say to wisdom, You are my sister; and call understanding your kinswoman – Proverbs

Shiloh Sophia

Salmon Creek Beach, California