Santiago rides again…5 Questions of Self Worth

Dear Ones,

There is something about the attention of a cat that makes you feel loved. You know how when they lay on you and you don’t get up to go pee or answer the phone because you don’t want to move them. They make you feel special. Good friends are like that too, if their knee or arm is just so, against yours, or their head is on your shoulder, it is just so precious you don’t want to move to disturb the sweetness.

Well all of my kitties before now, if I moved my body. They moved, and quicker than I would have liked. Come on kitties, learn ‘transition from cuddle’ techniques which are no sudden movements (this is also true with lovers). Now I have Santiago who rides my shoulders. And, when I move he doesn’t move or he just adjusts like liquid kitty, even to the point of rolling off and not even opening his eyes. What pleasure I get from him being not alarmed at my movements. I work from my home office studio/see clients/paint/do coaching calls and he is just with me all day keeping me company and purring me through. And, riding my shoulders again. Even if I get mad at him, and yes sometimes yell at him a little when he is scratching my blue jeans like a post or trying to chew up my cowgirl boots while on my feet – he gets back on my shoulders in a minute as if we never had a fight at all. He is, by the way, worthy of the title bad kitty because he is such a rascal I am baffled by it, like digging in the garbage and the toilet paper roll and then eating my food almost right out of my mouth. He doesn’t mind the spray bottle, loves to get into water and well. I have to lock him up when I have company like the other night I had 8 women for my new cream of mushroom soup recipe and he was out of control.

A kitty blessing

He keeps my studio days full of life. He also paw paints, of course. And he teaches me things about not being alarmed by sudden movements in my world, moving with the flow of things, and, in essence getting back on the bucking bronco of life. I am his bronco.

He makes me feel loved and keeps the air fluffed. Funny thing, his affection makes me feel – worth. Like I am worth his time. We all know pets are medicine and that they are healers – for example in this one a while back where he is giving his big sister Chiquita a healing. So what does this have to do with questions of worth – artists are like this, we ride a thought to its essence.

Here are five questions of worth to consider. Really it is a little journal assignment to remind you how wonderful you are – do you have the time? Perhaps you can make the time…get out your journal or open a doc and jot down some notes, it will take 20 minutes if you don’t try to think too hard, just write what comes up. Or meditate on it in your heart…

5 Questions of Self Worth and 5 Creative Practices – write five things per question

What do I value about myself?

What do others I love value about me?

What stories about me am I willing to give up about not being worthy?

When do I feel the “BEST” about me?

What is my affirmation of self worth?

I hope you take the time to do this – it is GOOD to check as the critic and what my friend’s Christine Arylo and Amy Ahlers call the inner mean girl, can sometimes take up too much space. Tell those negative ones to STEP BACK – a woman of worth coming through, a hips swinging and truth flinging woman of power.

I won’t be posting much more this week as one of my dreams is coming true – goodie goodie – to teach one of my books as a Train-the-Trainer, Her Evolution. Keep me in your prayers as I step into a higher level of my own leadership by calling women together who are also ready to teach…This is what I feel is needed, us to realize our own worth, call our own circles and collaborate with kittens on self love.

But first, a trip to the ocean today with one of my best friends, he is bringing coffee and bagels and I am bringing the poetry….I will blow you all a kiss and feel the water with my hands for you…

Blessings to you,

Shiloh and Santiago