A Call to Action – My Two Essential Questions

Cosmic Cowgirl Univ
Dear Ones,

I think back to the time when I first started my work as an artist and entrepreneur, I was about 21. I spent a year making art while doing bookkeeping on the side. I lived in a trailer on the top of a mountain with no flush toilet and no hot running water! Those were the days….I worked with Sue Hoya Sellars and my Mama Caron McCloud on everything from self re-invention, to claiming the feminine, to writing poetry, to making art. We even made our own clay. 

We had these wonderful circles, called the Stone Sisters, and between ten and twenty women in Mendocino County would gather together and we would do women’s things: sit in circle, drum, tell stories, create art, share wisdom and eat chocolate.

Since that time it is amazing to see how my life is a macro version of those earlier themes… I am still doing many of the same things I loved, but in a different context, with more people, online, and with an extended community. I have to say, it feels incredible to be able to share such powerful things as CIRCLE and the red thread ceremony online!

This email is also a CALL TO ACTION for you. As always, one of my core purposes in life is to inspire creative action! And, in my experience, creative actions often begin with questions.

Here are two if my favorite ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS that I consider
integral to my creative spiritual practice. Two questions which are the
entry point to many other questions, and hopefully the answers:

To what is my life dedicated?

Does my life reflect that dedication? 

If you want to join me to answer the questions, you know where to find me at the magical Cosmic Cowgirl University. The university of the stars…

  • (Starts Monday!): is the Black Madonna Painting Class – each woman creates her for themselves inspired by both new and old images which go back thousands of years.
  • (Starts Wednesday!): We are launching our first ever
    Train-the-Trainer course for my best selling illustrated workbook Her
    Evolution for those ready to gather their tribe.
  • (This Sunday!): Join me and Stella Mac for a free tele-class called Open the Door on
    Sunday night about stepping into your leadership. If you cannot make the call you can still sign up and you will have the live call e-mailed to you.

Open PaintsBlessings to you this day – it is Friday and I get to paint and play in glitter with the first ever Legendary Life alumni at the CCU campus this weekend!