Free Call: Open the door to creating the community you were born to lead!

The time is now to gather the tribes of the heart!

Are you ready to open the door to leadership and begin teaching, calling circle and sharing your wisdom and gifts? It is time…

To call together those you feel called to serve.

To create the community you were born to lead.

to learn more and sing up for the

Free Tele-Class on Sunday Night November 14 at 6pt and 9et with SHILOH SOPHIA

I will tell you my truth, it was not until I gathered my tribe that I felt truly connected to myself, and the world. We know we cannot do this alone, no matter what “this” is for you. Most of the classes I teach, including this one are an invitation to be seen, heard, and valued by other women on the path of life. We are right beside you even if you cannot always feel it.

And, yes you do have a tribe, you are not the only one, though sometimes it can feel like that.

We all need support to call our own circles and to start our teachings and step into the lives we were born to lead. Stepping into leadership is  a process of saying yes over and over, even if you feel scared. Teaching classes and calling circles can be done for love and service, and it can also be an income stream if you choose for it to be.

A little bit about my circle beginnings….

I have had the pleasure of being a part of women’s gatherings all of my life. My family had counsel where we sat around the kitchen table and passed the talking stick and discussed topics from what was happening in the world to who was making the soup that night.  As a child of 6, I remember being passed the talking stick, it was a majestic moment and I had waited for my turn with as much anticipation as my little heart could handle. I remember thinking, I have to be really smart and, cute, so they will know I have something to say too… (things haven’t changed much – giggle!)

In my youth I went to women’s circles with my cousin Bridget, and participated in active women’s community from gatherings to conferences to be-ins to marches to the mountain tops.  I have had the pleasure of sitting in different Native American Circles and ceremonies for many years and learning from Elders. And, I have led hundreds of gatherings (online and in person) with women and men and children for over 15 years. 

I hope you join us on Sunday night, and if you cannot make it live sign up for the call anyway to receive a free recording!

Blessings to you!