Our Lady of Abundant Blessings

Our Lady of Abundant Blessings
Open our hearts to Thy bountiful wisdom
You who bridge the created and uncreated worlds
You who bring spirit into form so beautifully
Move us through our many thought forms that bind
Bring us into alignment with your abundance
Craft us into vessels for receiving your flow
Teach us how to steward the blessings given us
Keep us humble and grateful, mindful of the giver
Compel us to share the overflow with others
Grant us the wisdom to use what we have wisely
And keep us in right alignment with what is truly just
Make the work of our hands and hearts be righteous
May we ever be mindful of those who have not
And keep our awareness of the beatitudes of Jesus
And may we, in all that we have, acknowledge source
The Creator of all abundance, give thanks & praises!

Shiloh Sophia Journal

It is the early morn and my cup of rose petal tea sits in a red cup on the coffee table that once was my grandmothers. It is warm in my little red house and my kitten Chiquita is purring and snuzzling me so intensely that I have to reach over her to type these words. It is the new moon and I feel a sense of relief at it’s sliver of hope. The majesty of that moon and her blessings keeps the rhythm of my body in tune with the rhythm of the whole earth. It seems a miracle that my body is in tune with the seas of the world. It seems a miracle that we live and breathe and that we wake up as well as we do so many days. I am stunned at the waxing and waning of our own abundance as a people and also our own lack and misuse sometimes of what we do have.

Yesterday one those who is closest to my heart worked for me a the gallery so that I could teach painting and do my coaching appointments. When I called to check in, one of my new paintings had sold, Our Lady of Inner Peace which is a part of a group of three Madonna’s I just finished. See them here. I was told that the woman who got the painting was shaking with joy and wonder as she clutched her precious Madonna. When a painting goes home I feel I have been a part of the right kind of exchange – a just exchange – and I am so grateful. In a way I feel I am just stewarding them until they get home.

I remember my first art show, oh, 15 years ago. There were Madonnas in that one too. That first show, which featured paintings and pottery was a sold out show – that started all of this art “business” oh so long ago. What a mountain to climb to making art for a living – but also – the vistas at the top of each summit are breathtaking.

Yesterday I decided, yes, I would publish a book of my Madonna’s with my writings. I must have a 100 by now…she is my most favorite subject of all to paint, it is like a meditation to connect with her image. Each December on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe folks come in from all over the country to paint her with me and Sue in the Awakened Heart Workshop.

Today I get to work with one of my dear friends and allies, Jenafer Joy. And I feel grateful for all the abundance in my life. What are you grateful for today?