This is the Day – Love Letter #47

This Is The Day – Love Letter from Shiloh
Dear Ones,
Every day I am struck with our amazing ability to choose to be present to and in our lives, or not. I am amazed that we have so much choice in how our lives actually go – though I know there is plenty of “random” as well.
Last night at Cosmic Cowgirls, Sue Hoya and I had the incredible privilege of leading a creativity circle for a group of women friends, one of whom is on a cancer journey and may be in the last few months of her life. We made hand painted mobiles and crowns that each woman present contributed to through a prayer on a hand-painted heart for her friend. So at the end, each woman’s project had something from each of the other women – the hearts were tied on with red threads from our opening circle. And of course, add glitter. The wonderful woman whom we were celebrating and who was surrounded by the love of her girlfriends gave us some special teachings – one of which is: This is the day. She mentioned that the line in that gospel song, This is the day that the Lord has made inspired that thought…and she shared it with us. A gift.
This Is The Day
So I pondered it all night and all day and wondered to myself…
what day is it anyhow?
what would it mean if that WAS the day?
what would I want in my day if it was the last day of my life?
what does God want me to have in THIS DAY?
how would I live differently if this was the ONLY day?
Now I know most of us have asked these questions, and country songs like Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw get us thinking about our lives and how we live them. But as we all know there is just SO MUCH TO DO in a day that it is hard to find time to be creative, to write poetry, to lounge on the couch and daydream.
I was in the space of considering my own creativity and it’s worth and value, a few days ago when I wrote A Creative Being Creed. The creed will be featured as a part of our first downloadable Daylong painting course, BLOOM, which is a collaboration between Jena C.Lindh and I which will be released this Winter. And I got to thinking – will people schedule a whole day at home to paint? We are asking for 36 hours for the course – it reasonable? What would we need to say or suggest in order for someone to BOOK a whole day to be creative? The crafting of the creed was a validation of my own “RIGHT”  to create and in a bizarre way it made me BELIEVE in my own worth as an artist again…I guess that is what creeds are about huh? Yes it’s true, even after you have sold millions of dollars of paintings you still wake up some days and have to talk yourself into the paintbrush and talk yourself away from the computer and the house that needs cleaning.
I really got to thinking, if this WAS THE DAY how would I want to spend it? And this is my invitation to you….
Will you plan a whole day and spend it just how you want?
What will you do and who will you do it with?
What ingredients are there that make it juicy?
What do you really want to do with your own 24 hours?
I am planning mine RIGHT NOW and it is going to happen within two weeks. Want to tell me about the one you are planning? When you put it into words it makes it that more real.
I am sending you a warm hug, a cup of friendship tea, and splash of glitter from the tip of my paintbrush…will you rise to the call?
Many a star awaited your gazing upon it to glimmer.
Many a wave lifted itself from the past
to meet your seaside arrival.
You passed beneath an open window
when a violin yielded itself to someone.
All this was a sacred trust.
Did you rise to the call?
Rainer Maria Rilke
Santiago (aka Thug Muffin) helping me to paint a recent painting
Choosing To Be At Home In Herself
Note from Shiloh about Upcoming Classes at Cosmic Cowgirls University 

Would you like to join me for an online course or one at the Cosmic Cowgirls Campus in Healdsburg? We have our second Black Madonna online course, and our first ever Her Evolution Train-the-trainer for women who want to lead women’s circles or workshops and are just getting started. We also have La Fluer with my teacher Sue Sellars, plein air painting flowers and our final workshp of the year on the Cosmic Cowgirls Campus, The Awakened Heart dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe on her Feast Day weekend.

We all know how I feel about creativity – and how I believe anyone can create given the proper tools and encouragement, so if you ahve been waiting to join us, consider yourself given a permission slip!

I am also VERY excited because I have been collaborating on the first ever downloadable painting retreat with friend and Cosmic Cowgirls University Principle, Jena C. Lindh — stay tuned as the release date is coming soon…

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