A Blank Canvas is a Door

A Blank Canvas is a Door

by Shiloh Sophia

An Initiation in Paint – Approaching the Canvas

When approaching the blank canvas imagine that it is a door.
A portal of possibility in which only you hold the key and the magic words which grant access. A cosmic opening which is beckoning you to enter.

Consider that what lies just beyond that white space might just be the stuff of miracles.

The empty canvas is used by the Muse to terrify, entice, compel, repel and shake us our boots! And often, faced with it’s blank face, we turn back.

But not today.

Today we choose to enter the unknown, to answer the call which silently and powerfully transports us from this present reality into non-ordinary reality.

Now be brave and lay aside:
what we think we know
what we are sure we don’t
and we might just experience something close to bliss.

We may find that, Yes, mind can quiet, even without being a yogi or meditating for years…

Pick up a paintbrush and empty your fears into a palette of infinite possibility. Postpone inviting that familiar critic to tea, (the muse won’t have any use for her rough medicine today.)

Tears may come…and if they do let them fall onto the canvas.
Terror may come…and if it does choose it’s color carefully and watch as each stroke transforms and moves.

Love may come, and if she does, let her have her way with you,
don’t hold back, or shield your heart from her powerful strokes.

How long has it been since we burned with passion?

How long have we waited to make our mark on canvas or page,
holding oh so many stories inside.

Today approach that blank canvas  remembering it is not about being good or pretty.

Today be a willing fool for creativity.  And at each moment surrender.
surrender. breathe. surrender. breathe.

Self expression is the key to unlocking a life,
not just the white door of your canvas.

Self expression is the you that lives inside
being invited into the world of form…

Just see what will happen, if you let yourself out in full color.

Unconcerned with blend, contrast, perspective or perfection.
Let this be one of the places in your life where your fear and your magic mix – POW!

That giant brush in your hand wreaking havoc on your old ideas –

And creating space for something entirely new to emerge:
YOU, in living color.

Shiloh Sophia