A Creative Being Creed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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The Creative Being Creed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud
My ideas are worth exploring
and my creative acts are sacred, worthwhile and valuable.

I answer the call to create
without feeling I am taking away from something or someone.

I know that I have something unique to say and create,
that is only mine to express, and so it is original.

I surrender my works of art being pretty,  good or salable,
and let them be what they want to be.

I consider the “practice” of creativity equal to other practices
like prayer or meditation or exercise and I make time for it.

I share my creations only when I feel supported to do so,
not needing or seeking acknowledgement from others.

I release myself from the need to feel inspired before I begin,
trusting that everything I need to create will be provided.

I allow myself to release the critic and perfectionist with love 
and invite the muse to come to my side.

I accept the healing energy that comes from my creative acts,
as divine blessings from a source I call Creator.

I remind myself that it is OK to not know what I am doing,
to trust the process and begin again as many times as I need.

I feel that creativity is a journey, and I honor 
journey with my time, my resources and my heart.

I will be gentle with myself when I haven’t taken the time to create,
and I will begin again.

I give myself permission to be messy, loud, irreverent at times,
and at others to be quiet, orderly, mindful and to feel blessed.

I feel worthy of the title, Artist, just because I create,
regardless of what I create, or what the outcome is.

I am free to think my own thoughts, to have my own visions
and at the same time gather nourishment from those around me.

I feel that my life is a great adventure always looking for my YES,
and that my own journey holds the makings of personal legend!

I believe in intentional creativity;
that the love I put into my work 
goes out as a blessing toward my intention.

I am a creative being, not a creative doing, and sometimes being creative
is allowing myself to do “nothing” but the creative act of dreaming.

I believe that every bone in my body is a creative bone,
that my life is a miracle in process and that I am a creative being.

A Year of Great Promise - Painting by Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2010

Hi there dear ones…

It is a rainy Sunday and I have the gift of working in my home studio.

I felt a sense of happiness and bliss this morning I have not felt for a long time,

and from the space of that I was able to put put these words to paper – things

I have been thinking and writing for a long while which finally converged here.

It isn’t done yet and it still needs revisions, like my own life, but there is enough

here to share. As Ani DiFranco says, Let’s do it all imperfectly!