What am I supposed to be doing? And Spirited Woman blogger on the move!

Tea with Picasso By Shiloh Sophia

Greetings Dear Ones,

Today I woke up thinking about all there is to do in the world. Wow, has the world got a to-do list! There are so many things to confront, to clean up, to take care of, to fix, to invent, to change – it makes me wonder what is it I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING?

For starters I know, just KNOW I am supposed to be sitting here in the wee early morn, with candles lit, kitties in pile, in my fuzzy pink robe, drinking coffee with cream and cinnamon tapping away at my mac. That I know. As for the rest of the day, I know I have to be at Napa Valley College, teaching by 2:00 to a room of youngters who had the assignment last time I was there, to write a one page declaration about how to make their life path happen…But for THIS moment, I know I am supposed to be writing. And pondering who I have signed up to be…do you have your cup of coffee?

So far, I have signed up to be:

    • revolutionary leader
    • teacher of creativity
    • artist of everything
    • beloved to my partner
    • kick-ass change maker
    • a writer of wild wisdom and legendary musings
    • publisher of women’s work
    • girlfriend to a lot of super cool women
    • servant of life and the Creator
    • chief (of the Cosmic Cowgirls)

Just to name a few… what does your list of what you have signed up for look like? Jot it down or comment and send me your list, I want to see what you are up to!!

That being said, with all the doomsday reports of everything – I can only feel that I should do that which I am here to do. Sounds simple? Not so simple. I have chosen to do the work I am called to – the creative work. Now some might think that is not as important as other saving the world work, but I have answered the call to create. I cannot do all of it, that I know. Why does doing creative work make us feel guilty? Why is it the first thing to go? Where would we be if Picasso put down his brush or Mozart his sheet music or Fridah took off her flowered crown?

We act as if, in order for it to count,  it is supposed to amount to something significant or salable to be worthy? I think creativity, the artists, poets, dancers, thinkers and raw food recipe makers are holding the world together through fine golden threads which woven throughout the greed and destruction keep the particles of life from flying apart. All creative acts including knitting socks and planting seeds are included in the creative acts that bless the world. Anything we do with the intention to be creative – that is truly creative, adds to the healing.

So what will I do as the world threatens to come down around our ears, melting, as we speak? I will share myself through creative acts of love. If we each will answer the call that is uniquely ours, and bypass the doing of other work for the sake of greed and survival, if we would turn the day on it’s head and put down our weapons and pick up our paintbrushes and plowshares – the world would be different tomorrow. Those who are called to create, I think, should indeed create. And create for the sake of love, for the sake of spirit.

One of my recent acts of love and daring is to be blogger on The Spirited Woman blog. Nancy Mils who runs this virtual creative celebration has been rocking the virtual mike with her wisdom and her team of wild spirited bloggers for over 8 years – celebrating as their tagline indicates – creative fun for inspired women! I will be blogging twice a week in a column “beat” called Spirit Shots, check out my introductory letter to see what I am up to…

So it is with a coffee toast to this day, this moment, I send a hug and heartfull of hope. May we each answer our calling!


“Spirit Shots” from Shiloh Sophia McCloud – Part Meditation, Part Power Boost

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