A One Day Practice for Clearing Old Perceptions and Claiming New Ones

A Word from the Art Doctor…
sharing a practice for clearing old perceptions and claiming some new ones.

A remedy from the Art Doctor, in the event you have not yet REALLY taken a day or two to examine your thoughts and beliefs lately, is to take one whole day for Visionary Shifting.

Make sure your phone and computer are off, and that your friends/family/work knows you are not available. Write, paint, draw, sing, pray, rant and rave all in the request of your soul “yielding up” your existing beliefs and perceptions.

Ask for 20 or 50 existing thoughts about money, family, health, God/Goddess, government, body image and write it down and whatever else you need to confront, clear or handle. Start with writing them or drawing them down.

Try to schedule a sun up to sun down time.

Once you get your list – take a break.

Do a prayer for releasing them, knowing that what is true and useful will come back – nothing valuable will be lost. Then sit in the release – clear space. Sit in the blissful emptiness of no perception. Then one by one, take a look at them. Ask, is this me? Is it useful? If it really serves you – you can ask where you got it, but I have come to feel the where is less important in this process – but the where you are going is much more important. For each one, evaluate and examine it. Then one by one, make a declaration of the perceptions you are going to hold in your life. We cannot change the past, but we can change the perception of the past – and how it lives in our body and spirit.

We can. Believe that you don’t have to live with the old stories the same way – believe that there new ways, that are healing that are available right now. Possibilities. Write them out. Paint it out . Or dance it in. Or do a creative practice of your own around it.

Give thanks. And commit, here is the practice part – commit to your new of declarations that you are claiming.

Commit to remembering this list and to being the person who holds truths that
you choose and not ones chosen for you – by anyone. Even thoughts about Creator, hand fed by someone else can be dangerous – what do YOU believe aboutit?

You can TRULY affect your life – by how you think, AND HOW YOU PRACTICE
your thoughts in real time. We are all doing it anyone – so when we take conscious control – the changes of a more fulfilling life are that much more available. Rituals like this can be life changing in ways we cannot even imagine. Do you have time for this – do you have time NOT to take days like this? We clear the way for the new…and this prepares us for what we need to manifest as we move forward.

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. Bucky Fuller

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