Lady of Squash Blossoms and my newest yummiest crockpot recipe: Mama’s Chicken Crock

Lady of Squash Blossoms and Bumble Bees
I woke today with an image of you in my mind.
You were sitting in the garden snapping peas with brown hands.
There was a tangled halo of squash blossoms around your head.
There were bees in symphony making a ring around you, eating squash honey.
Your baby was at your breast making sucking sounds, drinking sweet milk,
His little hand was closed around a yellow squash.
You were humming a tune I did not know, but that was familiar to me.
You didn’t see me though I was standing right there with you,
the tangle of squash vines clinging to my pink nightgown.
Your garment was the color of saffron and your bare feet were
resting in little patch of white flowers.
The smell of Summer turning to Fall was pungent and intoxicating.
You stopped a moment as if remembering something you might
have forgotten. I wondered if it was me.
But I know you will never forget me. I live in your garden.
Then your baby and my God, cried, and you turned your attention to Him.
You were more beautiful than anything I could ever imagine.
Lady of Squash Blossoms and Bumble Bees

Later that day on my front porch was a squash.
Perhaps you left it? Well then, it shall go into my soup.

Shiloh Sophia

Times are super busy. So I like to make up a crock pot of miracles and eat it for days…this is my recent recipe and it is so dang good. A great way to use autumn garden veggies or anything left in your garden or hiding in your fridge! Let me know what you think of it…if you do not have a crockpot step away from the computer and go directly to the store! Hugs from me…

Mama’s Chicken Crock Autumn Stew
should take half hour depending on how many arms you use…then cook for 4 hours.
eat next day or start it in the morning. (substitute wine for coffee then)
should cost under $20 depending on how much veggie and chicken you use…also I don’t really deal much with quantities and so – wing it!
drink wine while cooking and pour it in as you go along…shouting wishes

1. cook rice with olive oil, cumin and salt
2. fill half full with filtered water add juice of one lemon add braggs – turn on
3. rue: cook onions with garlic olive oil and herbs (basil, oregano) and salt
4. cut mushrooms, squash, brocoli, kale, potatoes and any other veggies you want add to mix
5. cut up at least 5 juicy tomatoes – add to onion mix until sauteed but NOT too much –
6. empty can of corn, frozen peas and boujon cube to water – or could start with veg/chicken broth
7. cut chick breast into small chunks – use as much as you want – but one is fine!
8. add rose petals of one rose – think of your loved ones while you put the petals in
9. cut one habenero – use half and add to soup – think of passion while doing this
10. add braggs liquid aminos or soy sauce – do you need more water in there? add it.
11. add rue and veggies and chicken into the crock pot
12. set it to 2 hours and then add rice for another 2 and pray for your family
13. serve it up – with optional parmesan cheese and sour cream or mayo and tortillas – yum!

P.S. If you are wondering how a busy woman like me has time to cook or write down recipes for her friends – well..if I didn’t I would go crazy. I have to step away from the computer, put on my hot pink apron, drink a bottle of wine during cooking and enjoy myself…

P.P.S I have a new kitty Santiago – otherwise known as the Thug Muffin because he is wild and walks with the swagger of a ganster – he was the runt and as cute as pie. Anyhow – he is also always hungry. I feed him when we eat so that he won’t jump on the table. The other day he jumped up and took a bit right out of my chicken sandwhich. Well, this morning I woke up and he has somehow (like a dog) gotten into the closed cupboard under the sink and pulled a chicken leg out of the garbage and I found him with both paws knawing on it… anyone ever heard of a cat that is so aggressive with food? my goodness. It would be cute and funny if it wasn’t so much work! The black one is Santiago (de Cuba) and the dillute torie is Chiquita (Bonita) – they like to sit on my chest between me and the computer in the early morn while I type musings under furry blankets laying on the couch – drinking my cup of tea.
Santiago and Chiquita