Big Dreaming at the Big Dream Cafe!

Now is the right time to choose you and your ideas.
Be inspired to create your own big dreams!

Join Bay Area Women Visionaries


with the Cosmic Cowgirl Big Dream Cafe Hosts
for a whole day all about you, and what you want to create in your life!


TICKETS for later that evening for the Hard Times Require Furious Dancing book release with ALICE WALKER and INDIA. ARIE are sold out for the general public. We have reserved a block for Big Dream participants only – information will be provided upon registration One per participant as seats are very limited. Tickets are $65.

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Price $110 or $165 with a friend.

Location: Yoshi’s in San Francisco
1-800-515-6623 |

Do you sometimes feel like there IS something more to life and what is possible but you don’t know how to get there?

Do you have Big Dreams and ideas but your days are already filled with too many to-do lists to even consider building something new?

Did you grow up thinking you were going to create a life you loved, no matter what, and now find yourself wondering how you got where you are today?

Do you keep wondering if there is something more, something you can do, only you don’t know what it is?

You are not alone. That is why we created the BIG DREAM CAFE so that over tea and chocolate and conversation we could, together, inspire and empower each other to step out courageously into creating a life we want to live. It IS possible. And there are challenges. The women of the Big Dream Cafe have done the work to create visionary lives, and on October 16th they will share their secrets, wisdoms and practices with you.

What’s going to happen?

You will learn from powerful women visionaries about living your dream!

  • You will be inspired to take action on your visions and ideas for your life
  • You will create and design your own Book of Big Dreams
  • You will join in community with others who are on the path with you
  • You will be empowered to articulate and activate your own big dreams
  • Hear from these incredible teachers who are living a LIFE they choose

Shakti Gawain on Self Awareness
Christin Arylo on Self Love
SARK – Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy on Self Abundance
Shiloh McCloud on Self Expression
Mary MacDonald on Self Exploration
Elizabeth Gibbons on Self Honor

We know that first you have to choose YOURSELF before you can make big dreams come to life! Give this gift to yourself and join us for a day of inspiring conversation and taking action on your dreams.

Join us October 16th 2010 11am- 6pm for the Big Dream Cafe: A visionary gathering dedicated to community, self expression, women’s wisdom and creative exploration and be inspired to take powerful action on your visions and dreams!

The entire day is dedicated to honoring the Big Dreams of all people — our hopes, our life visions, and moving through challenges with grace. This visionary conference will offer you tools for inspiration, perseverance, self expression and awareness.

Keynote Teachers and Speakers


Artist & author SARK is endearing, insightful, and offers real ways to both allow your pain and magnify your pleasure. She is known as the “wake-up fairy” of creativity. Her wise and witty words and views on living a creative, passionate, JUICY life have inspired countless people.


Best selling author and teacher, Shakti Gawain shares ways to make powerful changes in your life, deepen your experience and create greater awareness. Including experiential teachings from her classic books Creative Visualization and Living In The Light.


Inspirational Catalyst – writer, coach, speaker and m.b.a. — for the 21st century woman. A self-admitted, but recovering, achievement junkie and doing addict, Christine teaches women how to stop trying to be super woman and start tapping into the energy of their Feminine Super Powers.


Visionary artist, author, teacher and the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls University, Shiloh champions the importance of self expression for every person and lives her philosophy that all art forms are tools for individual, social and spiritual transformation.

Shiloh is a gallery owner representing her own art, as well as women’s work for over 15 years. Her work is represented in stores and galleries all over the United states and Canada. She is the author and publisher of over 7 books dedicated dedicated to creativity and entrepreneurship.


Be inspired to take powerful action on your visions and dreams!

Price $110 or $165 with a friend.

A Cosmic Cowgirls and Palm of Her Hand (501 c3) Collaboration