A Legendary Life is a decision…


What is it that transforms our life from ordinary to legendary? Is it achieving your goals? Being “all you can be”? Reaching success? No. Not in the legendary Chronicles of Chief Laughing Cloud anyway…”Leading a legendary life is a decision we make about a way we are going to BE. About whatever it is that is going on. How we will move through the world. Our approach to living. Our choosing what is honoring and vital and our releasing of what is limiting and ordinary. By ordinary, I do not mean simple or common. I mean what is ordinary for us: that which does not cause us to grow. change, be challenged or transformed.” Being legendary is not a destination or a goal to be reached. It is not about being famous or respected. It is not about what others think about WHOM YOU ARE but about what you think about WHO YOU ARE. This is not some prescription for self-love or making everything suddenly okay in your life.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”- RUMI

Do you want to see the work of some of Legendary Life students? You won’t believe your eyes….unbelievable because some of these women have never painted before! Check it out!


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as well as see a slideshow of student work.

The entire experience, Shiloh, has opened my heart to so much more than the art! You have created such a platform for all introspection and healing on untold levels yet to emerge. During your mentorship with all that you have provided for us from awesome instruction, thoughtful writing prompts and copious hand-holding and love-spreading along the trail these six months, I have grown into a WORTHY WOMAN. This may seem like a casual statement, but it is anything but! I spent my entire 63 years hiding my light and after six months with you and our bevy of loving Cowgirls on the incredible Caravan, I am emerging invincibly into a poet, writer, and artist! Thank you for your vision–and even more, acting on your Divine Visionary call! – Janet Landess


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Stella Mac and Shiloh Sophia aka Cheif Laughing Cloud
Healdsburg, CA, September 28, 2010: Leading A Legendary Life Online Course offers the opportunity to study with Visionary Entrepreneur, Shiloh Sophia McCloud and writer Mary MacDonald. This six-month program is focused on her philosophy regarding intentional creativity as the pathway that leads to living a meaningful life. The program begins September 28 and continues every Thursday for six months!

Using painting, writing and creative practices as the medium, Shiloh teaches us how to transform our thinking and our approach to our lives using right and left-brain connectivity tools. Her call to action invites us to embark on a journey of living from our visionary heart regarding every area of our life, and provides us with the techniques to make that happen. Her approach teaches others to access the creative edge through the intentional cultivation of our very identity. She calls her students to be disciplined with learning to INNOVATE on their thinking. “The practice of Innovation”, says McCloud, “is the great work using what we already have and who we already are, to create something truly original – our own lives. This is the great gift we have to work with. Us. I am here to invite us to add some sparkle to that gift. To provide the tools to develop our life into a work of art. Add some wild women, chocolate and some big paint brushes and we are well on our way to a Creativity Revolution!” Want to join us?

in my studioShiloh tells us: “Choosing to live a legendary life means giving ourselves permission to be amazing. We define what ‘amazing’ is for ourselves. It is not the “what” of living, but the “how.” Choosing to be legendary is more than an attitude and more than a way of being. When we choose to be legendary we have decided that we are defining the context in which our lives will be lived and experienced. Do you want vitality? Self-expression? Do you want to feel like your life is on purpose? Do you want to live as an artist, with creativity as a central theme? Is it who you are already are? Yes. And a calling forth of whom you are yet to be.

The online course offered by Cosmic Cowgirls University is a unique and powerful combination of teleconferencing, private online ning site, e-mail prompts, downloadable how-to’s and a 13 step instructional video on painting and visioning.

Shiloh has worked for over fifteen years as a teacher, painter, gallery owner, business owner, author and publisher for seven books. She is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC a woman and girl owned publishing and production house. She has taught sacred art and visionary business at the college level for over six years. Her work is represented in over one hundred galleries and gift shops across the United States and Canada. Based on the breadth and diversity of Shiloh’s experience, she is uniquely qualified to provide tools to individuals and organizations in the development of the creative edge and the skill set for adapting to the needs and wants of our social and economic environment. Her teachings are based on left brain-right brain creativity. Shiloh has served as Mentor to many women students throughout the years and this is the first time this opportunity for a group mentorship program has been made available. What is this course actually offering? Your ability to add innovative value to whatever you put your hands to is dependent on the investment you make in cultivating your creative capabilities. Creative action is a habit. The principles of creative action apply cross-platform from painting, to inventing, to solving complex social issues. If we understand the nature of beauty as it relates to functionality, if we understand that elegance of design influences every aspect of our lives, then we can become the living bridges our world needs between existing and living life more fully.

For more information about the mentorship opportunity online and other workshops or to interview Shiloh McCloud please call Mary MacDonald at (707) 431-7827 or email: cosmiccowgirls@gmail.com. You can learn more about Cosmic Cowgirls Ink at: http://www.cosmiccowgirls.com

I would recommend this class to anyone wanting more creativity in their life (and have!) Shiloh, YOU are a pleasure my dear-what a wonderful class this has been for me-I’m serious when I say I wish it would never end!v I’m finding the entire course overwhelmingly fun, thought provoking and so organized. You guys are so timely in getting out the materials on time and also in leading our calls so that we cover everything, all have time to share and without feeling rushed. I can tell much thought has gone into the planning and execution of it all. The lens of “Legendary Self” has allowed me to visualize a life without limits…. visions I’d not dared allowed myself to dream before. I don’t want this to end. – Tracie Hanson www.mybloominglife.com


Start with a bunch of wild soulful women. Set an intention. Stir.
Add a 3X4 painting with bold strokes and vibrant colors. Sprinkle with glitter and glaze often.
Fold in a hand written chronicle of each initiates journey. Write. Write.
Add the FINE purpose of making something together as a group. Give.
Throw in for good measure…weekly disciplines regarding wellness and art. Practice.
And continually pray. Sprinkle holy water. Add some miracle juice. Laugh. Shine.
Marinate for six months within the guidance of experienced Chef/Chief Laughing Cloud
and SERVE! VOIL’A!!!