Hard Times Require Furious Dancing – a new book by Alice Walker

Hard Times Require Furious Dancing - New book by Alice Walker!

Dear Ones,

We are so excited about the release of Alice Walker’s new book of poems, Hard Times Require Furious Dancing. These poems are filled with LOVE, WISDOM, STRENGTH and hope.

Here is an excerpt from the Press Release from New World Library:
Beloved and world-renowned author and activist Alice Walker’s collection of new poems written especially for the times we’re living through.

Alice Walker is known throughout the world as not only a great writer but an activist and a woman who shares the inner turmoil and outer struggles of her life. Readers admire her ability to bare her heart and soul, but to also speak out about the world as she sees it, often becoming a catalyst for change.

As the title suggests, these poems were written during struggles and sadness and deal with the loss of siblings, the loss of a beloved dog, the estrangement in families, violence and struggles on the world stage, and the simple joy of life itself. The words dance, they sing, they heal our hearts and touch our souls.

If you want to hear Alice Walker reading from Hard Times – you can check out her YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/AliceWalkerVideo

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Alice in her new book –

The world has
Wake up!
Give yourself
The gift
Of a new

The world has changed:
This does not mean

You were never
The world
Has changed:
Resist the siren
The world has changed:
Don’t let

The San Francisco book launch was canceled, but there are plenty more options for seeing her speak and her calendar is on her blog, http://www.alicewalkerblog.com

I am honored and excited that my illustrations were included in this phenomenal book.

Alice Walker has been a sheroe of mine my whole life, and her poet’s perspective on thriving during challenging times is truly strengthening.

Sending love to each of you!