Only You (can do what you are here to do) and celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote!

This is my latest painting though I have been working on it for some time, it is about finding hope and not turning back...

Only You…

Remember that no one can do what you do, the way you do.
And that what you do is needed, and wanted.
Remember that you have a unique purpose
that has always lived within you.
And that it will continue to call on you, until you say YES!
Remember that saying YES will call upon you
to become more than you think you are.
And that this is part of the bliss of life,
to become the most YOU that you can.
Remember that the key is to keep going no matter what.
And that you can start and stop as many times as you need to.
And rest and nurture and pause and ponder and pray.

Remember that unless you say YES that which
you are here to do,
you may always wonder “what if”
Remember also that to reach for our dreams
changes how we dream, even if we don’t reach it.
It really isn’t about reaching it, but about reaching out.
Remember that living a dream, is the journey,
is the process, is the dream itself. This is easy to forget.
When we seek the dream, our purpose we are no longer waiting.
We are not waiting for a destination,
but can consider living each moment truly.
As we are able. Afterall , this is certainly not about getting it right.
Remember that it will sometimes seem as if forces are against you.
We dreamers all have days like that.
To get up enough speed to break through,
we will encounter obstacles. This is not a sign to turn back.
Obstacles are our teachers, and actually train us for what is to come.
Make friends with them with challenge.
Remember that a true vision will have a combination of you,
and “them”.
It is the “them” that you work with or serve, or both,
that will inform your process. They are the focus,
and this is the miracle of answering your calling for you –
it becomes for others in time. This is a great mystery
all the great ones of all time know.
Remember that each step leads to another step.
So that is why we have to step up! And keep one foot,
in front of the other.
It is more important than we can even know,
how each flow, flows into the next.
When we move forward in our vision,
an energy flows towards us at that moment.
And it opens up the next action, the next door,
the next opportunity. The next invitation.
When we take a leap of faith,
new territory opens up that we did not see before.
You will see! It is indeed like magic!
We will have access to information that was not previously available!
When we risk believing in ourselves,
we will be amazed at the support that comes.
And we will recognize that doing this work,
is what we were born to do.
When we remember that a life not lived,
is not the life we want, then we choose.
And we choose powerfully not to turn back again.
We may fail. We may fall. We may even disgrace ourselves.
But what if we didn’t?
Would we be any more whole?
Only YOU can do what you are here to do.
This is your invitation from the cosmos.
So let us go out now, and live the life we were born to live.
I and the other big dreamers are on the path right
next to you – holding out our hands –
Say YES!
Only you can do what you are here to do.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

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Today is the 90th Anniversary of the Women’s Right to VOTE! Let’s celebrate and if you want to check out what Nancy Pelosi had to say today on Women’s E-news – here it is.
I’ve been described as a tough and noisy woman, a prize fighter, a man-hater, you name it. They call me Battling Bella, Mother Courage, and a Jewish mother with more complaints than Portnoy.

They used to give us a day–it was called International Women’s Day. In 1975 they gave us a year, the Year of the Woman. Then from 1975 to 1985 they gave us a decade, the Decade of the Woman. I said at the time, who knows, if we behave they may let us into the whole thing. Well, we didn’t behave and here we are. Bella Azbug

Thank you Bella and all mama’s of the past and present and future who worked for our rights. We celebrate you today. Now I am having a cup of coffee with a good friend and learning about what this day really means….

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