The Blooms After The Storm

The storms will always come. Yes they will.
They will tear the tender branches from our trees
and shining strands of hair off the top of our heads.
They will rock our worlds and crash the doors of our hearts open.
We will wonder if it will ever end. Yes it will.

After the storm there are blooms. Spinning magnificent blooms.
There are new dreams that the storm made visible
through something broken or torn we will see something
shining and glistening. Something fresh. Something that only the storm
could unveil. AHA! Through the challenge the blessing comes.
How could we doubt it?

We may even notice that the hair we lost has been found
by a precious mama robin chosen as the crowning glory on her nest.
We may even understand the importance of storms and ponder
the majesty of seeds spread throughout the universe by her wind.

And then finally, we can rest in the blooms after the storm.
Surround ourselves with softness and sweetness and rose petal skin.
We can hope again. Day dream even. Think fresh new thoughts.

The storms will come again – yes they will. So…
while there are blooms. Revel. Revel in the blooms.
Shower yourself with scents and songs and sweetness.
Press flowers to your cheeks and crush mint into your cup.
Squeeze plums into your wine glass and drink life. Sip forgiveness.
Tell secrets. Express wishes. And whatever you do dear ones…
don’t give up. Make art. Let poetry hold you. Let the blooms
of spirit caress you. Speak tenderness from the heart. Wrap
tendrils of trailing blooms in your hair and love unreasonably.

is nothing
and everything
to lose.
And find.

The painting above called Bloom Afterstorm is dedicated to Redon, Sue Sellars and my students.

Love Is The Red Thread

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Some of my precious blooms from my 40ieth birthday party are my friends…someone just told me something blooming but I don’t recall what it was…