Summer of Love – a journey of honoring ourselves…

I want to share the wisdom from a friend of mine, Christine Arylo. Most likely you have heard of her because I brag about her all the time, and she is the self love Queen.

I have had the absolute pleasure of working Christine Arylo over the years including co-teaching her PAUSE workshop in January and participating in the International Self Love Day, Madly in Love with ME in February. Now my dynamic friend is up to it again, a fabulous 40 day virtual retreat starting the day after Summer Solstice. I asked her what it was about…her article below tells it all.

What I know for sure is that I am busier than ever, and more accomplished than ever, and so much joy I cannot hold it all. But not able to cover all of my bases more than ever. (Did I mention I have over 2000 e-mails to respond to?) There is a sense that I am in race, and I don’t like it. I actually was having some crazy feeling anxiety last week, not a familiar feeling for me, it was before I was interviewing a best selling author Shakti Gawain on our Big Dream Cafe series. Shakti is a friend and I love talking to her so I couldn’t get at the root of the racing feeling in my spirit. And I wondered what I could do about it…so I got a homeopathic remedy for anxiety – and apprehension. It worked or I thought it did, and I was soon calling Christine laughing with her because the descriptions in the homeopathic section are so amazingly funny now: irritability due to overwork, fuzziness due to over computer exposure, and something about what happens when you are too long indoors and exposed to flourescent lights! Maybe that is not so funny….It is not so much that I am nervous about things, but rather, racing from one diverse thing to another thing with a breath of hope in between and most likely too much coffee in the morning and too much wine at night! I don’t want to race. I want to live fully and presently. When I am painting, like I am a lot of the time, it feels like I have all the time in the world – but in between brush strokes I am running!

Shiloh Painting at the Cosmic Cowgirl Studio

Shiloh Painting at the Cosmic Cowgirl Studio

So today, I made a big decision – I don’t have internet at home, which is laughable because I teach online courses and sometimes have to drive in in the wee hours to post on time. I live out in the lovely Dry Creek Valley and there is no internet and bad cell phone reception, can you believe that? And so we have been thinking about getting satellite or something that will work. But I am not going to. I am joining the Summer of Love journey myself by saying no to internet before 7 am and after 7pm. Want to join me? The Summer of Love might just help you make some of these powerful choices and support you in reclaiming your life in just the right ways. Then create whole days like that. I love it! And this Summer is all about that!

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IF you want to learn more about the Summer of Self Love now, which she is co-hosting with Marci Shimoff and Kris Carlson, check it out!

Overwhelmed, Overworked and Over It! – Blog Guest Christine Arylo
The unsustainable lifestyle of the modern day woman

Feed the kids. Get a raise. Loose the weight. Clean the house. Wear the lingerie. Whew! It is tiring being a woman these days. We have more opportunities, self-confidence and independence than any generation of women before, yet something isn’t working.

Why is it so exhausting? And why do we always feel like we can never catch up?

Being the recovering achievement junkie that I am, as well as a woman on a quest to really understand all the ways women love and don’t love themselves this is the answer I have come up with…

While we all know that the earth needs to be sustainable in order to survive, we’ve failed to realized that WE need to be sustainable in order to thrive. We — our bodies, our minds, our spirits – are NOT SUSTAINABLE based on how we live today, yet we think we should just be able to downward dog, multi-task or prioritize our way out of this… and it’s not working!

Think about how many times you’ve said to your girlfriend, “I’m so overwhelmed” or “I’d love to but I don’t have time.” Or even worse, remember the times you didn’t reach out and instead went to that dark place of feeling super alone, like the entire world was on your shoulders.

Women today face pressures like no other generation. We have more opportunities but not more happiness. A recent study by Time Magazine showed women today are no happier than women were in the 1970s, before the women’s movement and equal rights.

Does that mean that equality was bad? No, the feminist movement was hugely important to raising the standards of life for women around the world, and like anything it had unintended consequences which we now have to deal with so that we can figure out what is right for today’s woman.”

The unintended consequences:

· Too many roles. Mom. Money Maker. And Major Caretaker. 40% of women are the major breadwinners in their families, and 55% report that they still take care of most of the responsibilities at home. So you can understand why…

· Women Are Running Themselves Into Exhaustion. It’s estimated that 80% of women are so overworked and stressed that they suffer from adrenal gland fatigue, whether they know it or not. Women slough off or mistreat the symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, depression, cravings and mood swings, and then, because they aren’t listening to their bodies warning signals, they end up with serious health concerns like auto-immune and thyroid disease.

What Can Women Do About It?

It’s been said that women will change the world, and I firmly believe that, however, we won’t change anything if we don’t take care of ourselves first! And we need to support each other to do so. So this year, I am daring every woman to make 2010 the year she takes care of herself as well as everything else in her life… without exhausting herself in the process!

Check out the Summer of LOVE!