Feel A Desire for Creativity?

Dear Creative Being,
I am sitting at the cafe right now drinking coffee and being super happy for the sunshine pouring in! I am thinking about creativity, and my most recent paintings (not posted yet), and how much I enjoyed painting this weekend. Intermittently I put the paintbrush down and worked on my new wholesale line. There I go, mixing business and pleasure again.
For me, painting, and dreaming about my lifework are complimentary, and make me feel alive to my life!
I want to know – do you feel a desire for more creativity in your life? For more meaning? I always do. I live for creativity. The sacredness. The transformation. The quiet bliss. And if there is one thing I know about keeping my life vital and my creativity nurtured it is taking TIME to make it happen. Time that is marked out on my calendar. A creative practice that I consider as important as any other part of my life.  The innovative courses I have developed for women and offer at CCU are designed to share that which I LOVE myself, activating right and left brain and having more beauty!! All of my work is an invitation to be supported in bringing more creativity into your life!

There is always lots to do and lots of important reasons why we don’t nurture our dreams. But sometimes years go by and we haven’t taken out that easel or re-visited that Big Dream. Life is too short not to spend time creating what we love. How can we have a life we love if we are not listening to the muse? Maybe someone can, but I have never met them. I need art. Community. And to define for myself, what is important to me. And, what gets me SPARKING so I can git-r-done when I need to.
Whether we are working on a painting, an action plan or on visionary business, at Cosmic Cowgirls University, self expression is at the heart of all of it. And, best of all, experience does not matter in the art department – you don’t need ANY prior experience for ANY of our courses. We LOVE beginner’s mind because the freshest ideas come rushing forth! (You can see paintings from women who haven’t painted since they were little girls at CCU) If you want to see a step-by-step painting process from a really super cool artist from our last Leading A Legendary Life course, check out My Blooming Life.
There are two on-line courses starting right now. Come on over and get your creativity activated! Join dozens of women who right now are getting their art studios set up and their action plans in place! What I know for sure is, that when we begin to create, really create, our whole life feels different than before…more…possible. More hopeful. And more interesting too! Because when we create we feel better about ourselves, and when we feel better about ourselves, anything is possible.

I also know that the critic, and the perfectionist begin to speak less…and the muse begins to speak more. And she is glorious.  And wild. I can hear mine now…she is calling me to my canvas…gotta go, hope to see you on-line or on-campus!
Blessings to you in ALL YOU ARE WORKING ON IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!
As my mother always says…


Lovingly and Sparklingly,
Spark is about inspiration and support. It is a place where one can
safely share and explore dreams, goals, visions, truths, celebrations,
challenges and confessions with other women.  There is power in setting
intentions and giving them one’s attention on a daily basis and even
more so when there are others there to witness it and support you in
that journey.” -Michelle Fairchild
 Leading A Legendary Life Online Class

Last chance for this one, our first live call and video are tomorrow!


I have WAY more gratitude than I can ever express for the way that
this course has brought back a part of me that I had cut off years ago,
and that I desperately needed back to complete the me I know I am meant
to be. These last 6 months have.done just that. I have my creative self
back, and I will never ignore her again!” – Jenny Jones
p.s. Spark is only $30 but is free for Cosmic Cowgirls members & Legendary Life has a monthly payment plan option, and Cosmic Cowgirls get a discount.
And here’s what’s starting in the next few weeks:
Leading A Legendary Life OnCampus Course - 6 months
Starts June 12, on campus with Sue and Shiloh once a month.
Big Dream Cafe: 8 Week Online Visionary Business Course starts July 27

Check out our 8 week on-line visionary business course, Big Dream Cafe!

Check out our other courses at http://www.cosmiccowgirlsuniversity.com

Online Women's Creativity Classes

For a long time now, For too too long now

We have been listening to voices which are not our own

Listening to ideas of worth and value and usefulness

That are not who we are.

We have taken on the message we have been fed and sold

Not based in the beauty of humans, but – The profitability of our weaknesses.

Our weaknesses have been fed as data into machines


There is little space left

When all the media reams have run past our mind and heart

To consider the age old question of all beings:

Who am I And What do I want?

These are important questions – But –

They have also kept us in a certain track, locked in to who and what

What if there was another question that would

Transform those questions into answers? How about –

What shall I create? What shall I create? What shall I create?

If we answer this question with our lives

Who we are – identity and What we want – desire

Will be fulfilled with our very being – our creative being.

What if creativity was a sense, the seventh sense –

Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, Touching, Hearing, Intuition, and

CREATIVITY. I dare to think so.