The Architecture of Possibility

the roots of hope run deep.
And when we get discouraged
we can feel the tug of those roots
and we remember
oh yes, that’s right…
we have come through
harder things than this before.
And during the process, learned
what we could not have learned otherwise. And thankfully
we believe in trying again
no matter how far the distance seems
between what we want
and what we have.
We can remember
what blooming feels like.
So we practice,
the feeling of blooming…
and possibility opens us
to the miracles once more.

Dear Ones,

I am at the cafe, drinking my cup of tea, watching the rain come down and thinking of you.

I am thinking of hope and how it really works. And, thinking of the architecture of possibility. And I am giving thanks for radishes.

I appreciate the willful possibility of radishes. The bed of radishes I planted just a week or so ago is filled with little sprouts poking their bright green faces through and revealing a red stem that delights me. Don’tcha just love growing things? Especially ones that are willing to grow as fast as radishes! This year my husband Isaiah is making us a ‘garden life’. He is designing it to be experienced…places to stroll and places to sit, climbing squash vines up rock walls and trellises of peas, and herb gardens next to the back kitchen door. I am loving cooking with the sprigs of basil and thyme and rosemary and cilantro! Been doing a lot of curry/thai fusion around here! With rose petals infused in the coconut milk, yum…

Last night when I got home after a weekend of teaching sacred art at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology there was a surprise waiting for me on the front deck.
There were candles lit every where. A pink table clothed table with a bottle of local Pinot, roses from the garden, and a lawn chair covered with faux fur blankets and red velvet pillows. Speakers outside playing Oliver Mtukudz and a garden path lined by new corn shoots and solar lights…it was truly magical! I was lounging out there snuggled in for a long time, contemplating the miracles of life and what my next moves would be in my world. Interspersed with him bringing me other little treats and I got to enjoy the most incredible moon, where the clouds are lining the sky like a fluffy blanket, one gigantic bright star with no others in sight and the rest of the sky dark dark blue with the silhouettes of oak and bay. I experienced pure, true happiness, unencumbered by any negative thoughts. We commented, in between his visits from the kitchen, on how wonderful and rare moments like this are for so many folks, and how blessed we feel to have so many. But why do we have so many?

Is it because we were just born “special”, well I am sure our mothers would say so, but no. It is because we make these moments ourselves, with God’s miraculous presence, of course. But we CHOOSE to create these moments for eachother.

But what does this have to do with the architecture of possibility and my five bright ideas for it?

Well, a over an hour or so later…I learned that the reason why he set up the whole thing in the first place, was because he needed to clean the house after being in bachelor-mode for 3 days! When I finally came inside, he was still working on getting it cleaned up and I realized his plan was to keep me out of the house, entertained, while he got it together! This made the whole thing even sweeter for me! What a creative solution! That being said, this is how we live our life. How we CHOOSE to.

I got it, that even knowing we have a choice is also a privilege.

The architecture of living with possibility is hope and creativity, and the way to make it happen, is to CHOOSE it. Here is what I personally choose every day, I do it in the morning, and when I forget throughout my day, I just keep coming back to it. This creates the “field” of possibility thinking that I live from. Then when I encounter challenges, I am armed with my choices.


for living with possibility minded-ness. To be practiced daily.

Choose your intention and how will you show up.

Choose to be pro-active about being non-reactive.

Choose to shine your light no matter what you encounter.

Choose to live from creativity whenever possible.

Choose to think your own thoughts and take action on them.

I know it is not always easy here on earth. I know things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. Recently, I had lost hope on a couple of areas and I was seriously gloomy about them. No one liked to talk to me about those areas, and I admittedly told them I had lost hope. Thankfully, I found it again, through diligent practice, and creative soul exploration, I found it’s roots again. They do run deep. The painting above is a tribute to those roots. Here’s to hope! Wherever you are, and whatever you are dealing with. I send a hug and encourage a radish-like tenacity. I send a sprig of hope and a dream for the future…


ps forgive typos, grammar and the like…there seem to be no editors at the cafe on Tuesdays…

What I am up to…

This week orientation starts for Leading A Legendary Life Online, and in less than 3 weeks, the Oncampus one begins. Creative solutions and possibilities open up when we open up to our own personal identity, our legend, and what we want to create for our lives. Painting, writing and right brain left brain thinking are just those kinds of tools that help to open us up to possibility. Last weekend we had the Beaded Lady in San Francisco at artist Elizabeth Gibbon’s home, The Palace of the Soul, and we had such a big response that we sold out, so we had to create another one! We will have a video link next time so you can see the work. I chose to keep my painting but will share it online next month.