Join the Big Dream Cafe Tea Party: Visionary Women Speak!

Join us for a FREE call series with visionary women leaders like SARK, Julia Stege, Shakti Gawain, Alice Walker, Christine Arylo, Kay Sandberg and Danielle LaPorte!

Learn from women visionaries and leaders on the Big Dream Cafe. With your hosts, Shiloh McCloud and Mary MacDonald we are talking about everything from social media to the feminine business paradigm, the soul of money to meaningful lifework, creative visualization, to Alice Walker’s new book!

Please join us for one of the upcoming Big Dream Café Tea Party Conversations.
Bring your own cup of tea!

This series of Revolutionary Tea Conversations with Visionary Women is a part of the Cosmic Cowgirls University course Big Dream Cafe, an online class for women working on visionary businesses. You will be joining participants of the online course and hosts Stellamac and Shiloh McCloud as they sip revolutionary tea with the following visionary women:


MAY 13 – SARK – Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy – “Planet SARK”
Inspiration Tea Party (THIS WAS FABULOUS!)
MAY 20 – Julia Stege – “Branding from the Heart”
Branding From the Heart Tea Party
MAY 27 – Christine Arylo – “Dare to Live You”
Feminine Super Powers Tea Party
JUNE 3 – Shakti Gawain
Creative Visualization for Entrepreneurs Tea Party
JUNE 10 – Danielle LaPorte – “White Hot Truth”
Shameless Self Promotion Tea Party
JUNE 17 – Kay Sandberg – “Soul of Money” (based on Lynne Twist’s book)
Soul Sisters with Money Tea Party
JUNE 24 – Alice Walker
Hard Times Require Furious Dancing Tea Party

All Calls at 1pm PST – These recordings of these calls will not be available to the public.

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Please plan to bring a cup of tea to the call to sip during the cafe experience. All guests will be muted during the featured conversation. To join the conversation click on the link, sign up, and you will receive your call in information and pin.

Big Dream Cafe Online Course for Women in Visionary Business

Big Dream Cafe is a Cosmic Cowgirls University Course Online

The Time is Now

It isn’t too late 

and you don’t have to
get rid of your fear first

miracles are on their way
to you now

this isn’t about hope

this is about unreasonable faith 
don’t let your track record
stop you

this is not a test

you are not who you think you are
you are a mystery
in the soul of the universe

you are not here to figure out
you are here to discover

the time is now to take a risk

not risking is the greatest risk

the time is now and now

you may have to start over again the shame and guilt and story
may try to prevent you

don’t listen to their stories

listen to honor possibility truth
and love

don’t listen to those around you who don’t see you

listen to your ancestors who
a way out of no way.
This is your time to shine!

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