Thinking from the Heart-An Inquiry

Thinking from the heart is something we choose to practice.

It is a habit we have, to begin thinking with the mind first thing in the morning. But…

What if we started from the heart, first. When we woke up we said,
I shall approach all I encounter from the space of love. How would things turn out differently in our days? Would the days change or would just our perspectives be different?

I know when I think from the heart, worry lessens. Stress is relieved and new perspectives are formed. I am not speaking about some kind of overly positive fake it till we make it kind of optimism right now. Our heart is the most intelligent organ in the body – why don’t we think from there more often?

You know how, when in yoga or other modalities, the teacher asks us to redirect the breath? And we do, simply by the suggestion, we are able to notice a perceptible shift in the LOCATION from which we TAKE a breath? Is that not phenomenal? What if it was as easy as that? Redirecting our attention to another location in the body?

What choices would be different from the heart?
How would we change the unfolding of our days?

What is important to us, might change. That could be scary.
And necessary. It is no revelation to any thinking person that our world situation, has gone mad.

Let’s try a little somethin’:

Consider our situation on spaceship earth. Not blaming or pointing any fingers at man, government or corporation – just think of all of it. Observe: earth status. This inquiry is not intended to be depressing, but provoking. Then, think of it from the heart. I mean to let the origin of the thought, come from the location, spiritually and physically of the heart. Does it look different?

For me it does. For me anger goes away. Compassion rises. A sense of strange understanding, or acceptance comes into my heart. Not a complacent acceptance of things which are indeed horrible. Afterall I am after all a revolutionary at heart, and revolutionaries are often driven to act from seeing the injustices on earth and working to right them one way or an other. From my acceptance and seeing what is, I am inspired then, to act from love, instead of from anger, even if I am angry about a situation.

I am interested in how change happens in the world when we love first. And how change happens in our lives when we invite LOVE to be the primary motivation.

These are my thoughts this morning.
Have a blessed day, filled with thoughts from the heart…

May Love Be At The Center of All Choices.

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