Our Actions Create Abundance

I think that some days feel more abundant than others even if nothing in my circumstances has changed much. I have learned that I have to continue to FOCUS on abundance, I cannot just think it, I have to LIVE IT. Abundance is a state of mind and heart – sometimes illusive, always present, and we can choose it anytime. I know, it aint so easy all the time…but we can keep on reaching…

Taking action is one of the most essential parts of realizing a Vision.
If we do not take action our project remains an idea. An action can take many forms: an action plan, a drawing, a mission statement, a luncheon with someone who can assist, building a model, a business card, a web-presence, attending a workshop, planning an event, joining a club, opening a bank account, calling a circle, hiring a coach, creating a space in which to work, buying a binder, setting up a desk, creating a recording, making a collage, a vision board, painting it, singing it, praying about it, enrolling others in it, putting it on your computer, starting a blog even if it is just for you, posting affirmations on your mirror, getting friends to remind you of it, calling people who are doing it, volunteering where it is happening, getting in the presence of it somehow.

Practice believing in yourself and your project. Walk about it. Dream about it. Make up names for it. If you are a prayer person, pray, if you are a meditation person, meditate, if you are a wish upon a star person, wish and wish and wish. If you are a ‘mostly intellect’ person, think on! As it is all very much about our thinking. If you are a chef, cook it in your soups, if you exercise, move it! FOCUS on it! To create with good intention, can be an act of personal and collective abundance.

If you work on it, it will work on you. Each action brings us closer to the vision – is vital and keeps us engaged. We are, ourselves, the receiver, the garden, the space where the vision is both planted and grows. Our visions build momentum and bring people and opportunities into our field. Suddenly possibilities are all around us – we can see them – they make sense – we can see how each thing can serve the unfolding of our vision. To work on a vision, is abundance in action!

Manifestation begins with a step by step process. It is a decision and a design.

There are two questions we must always be in touch with PRIOR to manifesting.

How does it serve, bless, and enrich others? How does it serve, bless, and enrich me?

In answering the questions, if it is just me, fine. If it is your family, even better. If it is your community, wonderful! And if it is the wider world, fabulous! And if it is any or all of these things, it blesses the whole world, because our evolution is the evolution of all. When we really know that our abundance contributes to the abundance of others, we feel good about doing what needs to be done in our lives. We are encouraged, and feel as if our efforts are being valued.

We move as women move – circularly and continuously, a wholesome mountain moving samba, an all encompassing and gorgeous swinging of hips and stomping of boots and Yes! We might cause an earthquake or volcanic action in our wake! Footprints of fire smolder behind us as we sashay our way into the unknown but knowable deep soul garden. Our own tree of life waits there, blooming and shedding blooms season after season. Anticipating our arrival, she bursts into early spring shoots of tender white and yellow blossoms. Birds sing our symphony.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Excerpted from Heart of the Visionary

Heart of the Visionary - A Workbook for Women's Work