Inspiring Women’s Summit starting tomorrow!

Inspired - By Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Greetings Dear Ones!

As you know, Cosmic Cowgirls University is dedicated to transforming lives into legends through teaching revolutionary thinking, conscious creativity and visionary entrepreneurship…and most importantly of all, sharing women’s wisdom with the world. That is why we wanted you to know that tomorrow The Inspiring Women’s Summit begins, and we wanted to be SURE you knew about it! And of course, invite you to join us for the festivities, for free. Don’t you love free stuff?

Check it out

Cosmic Cowgirls University is happy to participate as a co-sponsor and we are so excited to hear from many women different women thinkers including: Marianne Williamson, Christiane Northrup, Jehmu Greene, Deva Premal, Joan Borysenko, Marci Shimoff and a whole bunch more!

How cool is it that technology enables us to learn from dozens of women mystics, teachers, luminaries, thinkers and revolutionaries right from our homes? Never before has so much sharing and wisdom been so available to so many! It is still boggling to the mind how it all works, but work it does.

There is always inspiration available…and being able to access that inspiration when we need it is powerful because it literally changes how we LIVE our very lives. When I learn new things from my teachers, my LIFE CHANGES in ways that I really truly needed. I am sure this summit from May 1-8 will be that spark of life for many of us.

Here’s a little bit about it…

The program will explore many facets of being an inspired woman including: feminine leadership, women’s health, communication, relationships, manifestation skills, sensuality, community organizing, spirituality, and much more. Panel dialogues will focus on questions of importance to women, which will then seed your conversation with other participants.
Each day will also include networking opportunities to advance your work.

Never before have so many top women leaders gathered on the phone to offer their secrets, stories, advice, and encouragement to other women.

Ready to learn more?

It promises to be a dynamic week of personal transformation, powerful dialogues, and inspiring circles – all without expense or travel. This event is not like other teleseminar series – you can be an active co-creator and collaborator.

I hope you are on the other side of the line, I won’t know you are there, but I will be with you. Any time we gather in this way, even over the phone lines, transformation happens. Our world could use some of that, and with over 21,000 people in 115 countries on the line…well…it is sure to be world-changing and heart changing.

I hope you have a super fun weekend – and make sure to take some time in the sun…and if they serve pina coladas anywhere near you, let’s toast to a year of GREAT PROMISE!

Shiloh Sophia

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Amidst the challenges each day presents

amidst the loss, the wonder, the endless to do lists

amidst the shifting landscape of our world

and even amidst the sorrow:

This is a year of great promise.

We don’t know what the year will bring

yet we each know in our heart that what it brings

is what we bring to it.

What will we bring?