She Can Take The Heat ©2010


Every single one of us has a calling.

Answering that calling is real medicine…while not answering often leads to illness and sorrow. Or even to the worse kind of illness: irrelevance…invisibility…listlessness…restlessness….despair…

Now you and I know that just because we begin to listen and answer we will not be instantly whole and completely well! Poets, artists and musicians are evidence that following the call, however illuminating to the soul, does not mean miracle healing. No. But, there is a very palpable experience of healing for those of us who answer. As Martha Graham in a letter to Agnes De Mille says so well:

“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action…”

I know you know that feeling. Whether you have had the experience recently or it was a very long time ago. She goes on to say:

“There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost.”

And right now I am wondering what is YOUR unique expression?
I’m wondering, what do you hear when I aks about your Calling?

Because I am trying to find words for something that is imprinted on our very soul.  Something imprinted like Instructions To Do in this life.

Note to self: ANSWER the CALL.
Something that is uniquely yours to fulfill on, experience, or express.

Something that is akin to destiny – yours.

And I mean, yours uniquely. Unique in that it belongs to you and your soul. Sometimes it may be in collaboration with others…and let us hope so, because to fulfill on a calling alone isn’t all it is cracked up to be… The way I’m thinking, when any one of us answers the calling of our unique destiny, healing is made available to the world. And when a whole group of people answer their calling, change happens at the quantum levels!  I venture to think, and indeed I do believe, that the entire world would be transformed by this one single solution: to answer your call. Your true call, that which Creator instilled in your DNA, in your mitochondria, when you, when I, when each of us was knit together in our mothers’ wombs.

Now, I aint saying your calling has to be something huge and monumentally life changing! Some are called to Big Things, and some are called to the Little Things without which the big things could not be. When we think of a garden we often see what grows there, but it is the tiny particles of dirt all together that make a sunflower or a squash possible.

This is my call out about the callings for those who desire to have peace, goodness and possibility. Who secretly or not so secretly want to be a part of the transformation of the world. Where there is enough food. Clean water. Warm shelter. Education. And love. Plenty of love.

This is A Call to Action. A call to listen more profoundly to the words your heart has been trying to speak. What is being whispered within YOU?   Just think how different it would be if you listened fully, and the one next to you and next to her…and him…if everyone….listened fully. This whole life would be different!

This I tell you true, if you answer your call, your life will be transformed from the inside out. If we want transformation in our lives, we can answer the call and let it lead the work, for it surely will.

Now, I am not going to lie to you. Just answering a calling is not a be all end all solution. However, in hard times such as these,when so much is falling away there is no greater way to soothe the aching heart and mind than to connect with one’s life purpose. To remember a greater cause to which you have chosen to be a part. Or in the words of the Cosmic Cowgirls, Remember your own Legend. And if you don’t remember, make one up.

I believe in Legend. Legend being a combo of fact and fiction…with glitter added (we do like to add glitter round here). Really, to be Legendary is to choose to be an alchemist of sorts – to take what there was (our past) what there is (our present) and to invent what is possible (our future). The fiction part has to do with designing a conversation, a way of being that you CHOOSE about who you are and where you been. To DESIGN your life as if it is a personal legend instead of a something simply happening to you. In the words of my own mother, Caron McCloud

We have arrived at our truths
by forgetting the parts we didn’t like
making up the parts that were missing
and holding on for dear life
to the little we came upon that we could trust.
So dear one:

What is your story? Your legend? Your calling?

As an artist and teacher, I do not judge the knitter’s socks as less significant than the revolutionary. A revolutionary needs socks and hats to keep them warm while they storm the castle! Calling is not about levels of importance. The way I trust it, Creator is an organized being, and will certainly have handed out callings according to an entire puzzle wherein all the pieces make up a cohesive big picture!  So, if it doesn’t have to look huge, (but it can!)…tell me today: What is your story? Your legend? Your calling?

We’re here in the time of Spring (HALLALEJAH). A time when that which we have been gestating, pondering and prodding along is beginning to reveal a bit of bright possibility. When we attune ourselves with the seasons, drawing upon the very particles in the air to support us in moving forward!  Your calling as a personal seed that you were born with.  Your listening is the soil in which the seed can take root and send up a sprout. Your attention is the water. Listen and Attend to that seed and watch your life be the blooming.

Please dear one, don’t let the seed not germinate. Don’t let that seed sit there in the dark. Seeds have a long shelf life but, why wait till a whole nother Spring to see your calling sprout? Are you Ready? I am. Will you share one sentence of a heart whisper? An idea? A chapter in your story, your legend? Will you dear one, answer your calling as it calls today? Just one tiny itty bitty yes can move mountains.

With Spring spreading steadily in my valley, I am joyfully signing this with pink petals – see them blowing in the bright air as they do past the open door of Electric Rose Gallery. As I look out – the whole world is filled with falling petals, evidence that Spring is in the air. A time of renewal of course, of new ideas sprouting – and – listening to our callings.

May you bloom.

I see you, blooming. And my…

but you are lovely.

Shiloh Sophia

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