A Free Thinking People

Inspired - By Shiloh Sophia McCloud

This is my feminism.

That I might think the thoughts which I would like to think.

Free from the frames of thinking which I have taken on.

Conscious or unconscious.

To have a free thought in which my own mind is Queen.

How might we disentangle ourselves from concepts

brought about by an enforced consumer driven construct?

What is the method through which we unveil

the thoughts that bind, that we do not even know are there?

How did they get there?

Is there a “field” in which the “bad thoughts” are being promoted?

Some force not seen by the human eye

which constantly strives to hold us captive,

and then make us think, we are the ones doing it?

Or even worse, that we want what they are selling us?

Our thoughts can be ruthless captors.

Our job is to break out of this prison of thought.

So that feeling might direct our thoughts instead of systems.

Systems that were not invented with LOVE as the primary cause.

Tenderness is called for.

For you. For me. For everything.

Then one of our jobs, sometimes becomes

to remember we have done the work of setting ourselves free.

Remember you have done the work.

You are the one who holds the key.

Don’t forget. You have worked to hold that key.

We cannot be fooled into thinking it is safe or the work is done.

But  we won’t be run by fear either.

We just have to keep thinking for ourselves.

And taking action on behalf of our thoughts.

Our dreams. Our wild dreams.

And every chance you get, support and become counter culture.

Be an inventor, a mover , a shaker, a new world maker.

Can you imagine – just imagine –

what the world would be like if each of us was living our legend?

Each of fulfilling on our purpose?

Things like world hunger

would be a thing of the past.

We are privileged enough to be in a place and space in time

where we can even consider that our dream might look like.

Where choosing to think our own thoughts,

and live our own lives is a consideration.

Let us proceed then, we who are able,

with our unreasonable dream and hopes.

Moving forward as a wild tribe of truth telling,

action taking, love making, peace making people.

People to whom happiness and joy are important.

We are a free thinking people.

This is my feminism,

that I might think the thoughts which I would like to think.

And then choose, from personal power and clarity,

where my allegiance and attention will be given.

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“What will you do with your own wild and previous life?” Mary Oliver

“We have learned America” Ani DiFranco