her soul spins songs of healing

Fire of the Spirit

her soul spins songs of healing

fire red, gold thread and river green

she is making a cloak to transform pain

she is weaving seeds into the fibers

and feathers and shells and leaves

she chants while she spins

praying her colors alive

robin’s egg blue, opal pink and onyx night

tomorrow she must set out on her journey

yellow sun, magenta moon, cobalt blue, true indigo

sitting indian style she rubs her belly and sways

pomegranate red, umber root and royal purple

finally she ties the last knot, swoosh

she wraps it around herself, sighs and smiles

it is finished

from the cosmos a message is sent from the morning star

a garland of fine silver white stars filters in like mist

and lays itself like a blanket across her shoulders

her path is illumined before her

in her basket she brings a fiddle, a paint brush, a jar of water

and knows that all else will be provided along the way

looking up to the brightening sky, she prays for protection

looking down to sacred earth, she stands in clear guidance

looking behind her, she pauses, waves silently

looking ahead of her, calls, I am ready!

looking inside, she begins to dance along the path

she journeys to the sanctuary within

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

(Excerpted from my first book, Color of Woman)