10 Creative Ideas for a Lovely Day on Valentine’s Day!

She Begins To Pray by Shiloh Sophia McCloud - Acrylic on canvas with prayers

10 Creative Ideas for a LOVELY Day for Valentine’s 2010
by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

(Warning: Each of these suggestions takes pre-day-of planning. And, these suggestions are only for the committed – not for the commitment-phobes.)

  1. LOVE NOTES: Go shopping, get love journals, begin the love year with writing letters to each other in the journals. This is the place for pasting cards, love notes, ticket stubs and even grocery lists into the record a year of love. And, it works great if you pre-prepare a love letter.
  2. DATE NIGHT: Create a date night ritual, starting with Valentines, and put the date nights into your calendar for the year. Make a list of possible plans for how to spend those date nights that are playful, and inspiring. You can even alternate planning it for each other.
  3. LOVE BOOK: If you have been together for a while, there is a trail of love documents and photos.  Get a really nice album, and together spend the day drinking red wine, eating cake and gluing, glittering and pasting a record of your love into your love book. Tip: shop together for the love book “bling”
  4. LOVE STORIES: Interview each other about great memories. Record it in audio or video. This will be priceless as you grow old together. Tip: Most computers have a video thingie now, learn it before the day of.
  5. LOVE NEST: Create your home or bedroom as a lovenest, together. Get flowers, and light candles, decorate it together, go shopping for new pillows, or other little loving things, together. Then make eachother dinner, naked.
  6. LOVE ALTAR: Create a love altar. Clear a dresser or shelf and together, listen to your favorite music, and make an altar honoring your love. What kinds of things remind you of that person? What do you want to bring to your love life this year? What do you want to show gratitude for?
  7. LOVE SONGS: Spend an afternoon pre-the-day and download your favorite love songs and just songs, go all the way back to childhood, and share your music with them.  Plan a concert some time during the day, at night with candles is good – and give it to them, narrating in between about why you put that one on there for them. This is SURE to be a hit.
  8. FEAST of LOVE: Give your love an invitation to a special occasion that you are planning. Make dinner at home, or at a suite you have rented. Choose to have it be a finger feast, and lay it out on boards and plates across the whole table, cheeses and meats and nuts and breads and sauces for dipping and jars of honey and on and on. It is important that it is a “spread” and that there is enough. Feed it to them with your fingers. This is one best, naked or scantily draped. Don’t hid bulges, be proud. But do shave.
  9. VISIONS of LOVE: Create a Vision Board together for your year. Start with what you want to create individually, and together. If you share a spiritual journey together, write a prayer for your life together.
  10. LOVE CEREMONY: Renew whatever vow you have. Let your partner KNOW how you feel. Don’t hold back. And bring something, an object of some kind to commemorate that – seal the deal. Share you full heart. First, open it.