A Year of Great Promise

A Year of Great Promise - Newest Painting by Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2010

Amidst the challenges each day presents
amidst the loss, the wonder, the endless to do lists
amidst the shifting landscape of our world
and even amidst the sorrow:
This is a year of great promise.
We don’t know what the year will bring
yet we each know in our heart that what it brings
is what we bring to it.
What will we bring?
A year already marked with world tragedy
and breakdown of bank, food chain and communication.
A year with the worst viruses, physical and digital.
A year in which we celebrated its arrival with
the good riddance ending of the last one.
And still. Joy exists side by side with the pain.
This is the paradox the happy–awake–person
works to master. Holding in balance — opposition.
And choosing,
amidst the meltdowns and endless possibilities,
for this to be a year of great promise.
I choose.
Shiloh Sophia

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you.
– Psalm 32:8

I am at the cafe with Isaiah. Sun streaming in. Steaming coffee cups.
Facing a big big day. Many decisions await on my cosmic drawing board.
And holding to my promise of a great year, all things must match with THAT INTENTION. Beginning the prep week for Lent. Above is my latest painting, finished after choosing my Power Prayer: Twenty-Ten is A Year of Great Promise and Prosperity at the workshop with Christine Arylo last weekend. Looking forward to a week of hot pink and red and glitter and valentine kind of energy, cuz I love, LOVE. A lot.