Dearest Holy Lady, A Prayer for Reweaving The Tears

Dearest Holy Lady

This is my prayer for reweaving the tears.

This garment of gold thread that covers our bodies,
is a fine weave, at once like gossamer and moss

and lace and stars and like a helix interlaced.

I cannot see it but I know it is there, covering us.

I think you made it, stitched it together for us

when we were in our mother’s womb.

It is so strong, and yet the littlest thing,

sometimes can tear a hole, and create a rent

in the fabric which protects us, keeps us intact,

and keeps too much of the world from coming in.

Dear Lady of Light

There are things which are compromising the weave.

I know you know already of such things.

All things toxic. All things not made to live with humans

Codes and codexes and particle and wave which

do not work with the system of light God made already.

We try to split particles, and reinvent a better strawberry,

and make machines to talk across the air without wires

and all of this, Dear Lady, in the name of Progress,

(which is the wrong name to be in service to)

All of this is snaring the weave, making it fragile and

prone to tearing at just the moments when it needs to

be strong. We are less able to fight particles
that should not be coming through open windows into homes.

We don’t know what hit us. Children are coughing it up.

Dear Blessed Mama

I tell you this not because I think you do not know.

Prayer helps us, put into words feelings which threaten and swirl

and we just want to tell our mommie all about it, MAMA!

like a bad day at school, where kids were mean for no reason.

Well today is just such a day, Lady, where I am petitioning

you with prayer, and with thanks that I can pray, thank you. thank you.

Dearest Blessed Lady,

Reweave the holes in our golden armor of light oh Blessed Lady.

When you take up your needle and red thread and with

nimble fingers of light, and begin to stitch and stitch, we begin

to feel better at once! It is amazing, how the thread running

from your shining needle is red like crimson berries in sunlight,

and then once you tie the knot, whoosh, it becomes fine bright gold

like the rest. You make it so that Light can come in, and light can go out,

but at just the right amounts for each person, as we were made.

Unique to us, our structure, our destiny and who

we are becoming, not just who we are. Oh yes, we are loved!

I see that it is expandable like the stars in our solar system.

It is we who must learn how to live with our

unique weave, how it works, how to protect it,

remembering who made it in the first place

and then, how to come to you Our Blessed Mother,

who gave birth to Light in the form of a babe,

and pray to you to protect us, to make us shine,

and to heal the holes, and teach us to love like you.

Heal us Precious Lady, reweave that which is torn.

And teach us to be reweavers with you, so that we

at your bidding, may be your hands of love.

Kontakion to the Theotokos

To thee, the Champion Leader, we thy servants dedicate a feast of victory and of thanksgiving as ones rescued out of sufferings, O Theotokos, but as though art one with might which is invincible, from all dangers that can be do thou deliver us…

Orthodox Prayer Book, Page 55