Blessed Is She That Believed

Blessed Is She That Believed

There is a place in the heart

past the old stories and the new stories

to the left of the old baggage to the right of the hopes for the future

beyond the ideas of what is and isn’t and was and wasn’t.

I have seen it. I have felt it.

There is a place in the heart that is whole.

Unharmed. Beyond reproach. Holy. Healed.

Sometimes it feels like too much damage has been done.

Like the heart has sustained too many wounds

and the mind won’t allow it to be otherwise,

and we want to give up. Not surrender, but

g i v e u p

on our hopes. On ourselves.

This is a very dangerous place

and we must leave there at once,

searching with our little lights for the holy place.

This place in the heart I am speaking of

was put there by God,

and it is tended by Our Lady of Love.

She nurtures it and waters it and keeps it from whithering

from our lack of frequent enough visits.

Because she herself has lived through worse than what we endure,

she understands.

Then finally, when we believe that there is a place for us,

a place prepared by God –

we can go into that mysterious chamber called

the heart

and believe once again in possibility. In goodness.

In our own bright future.

Sure there is much to be said of doom and gloom

that would take us off our path if we let it.

But we won’t.

Instead we will believe that good will triumph.

And we will practice visiting that holy place inside ourselves

and sharing it with others.
Because that is what we were born to do:


Yes, we were made for love, from love.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. Luke 1:45