Wings of Lead

Leap of Faith by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Leap of Faith by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

though the day presses

upon our hearts and bodies

we have wings which

are strong from use

gravity comes exhaling down

and, inhaling, we rise,

unfolding. unfurling.

though sometimes coughing

we rise with bright courage

into possibility and the future’s hands

while carrying with us

the cries of our Haiti

and our Africa and our Oakland

and every street or roadway

where a child reaches

and finds not food or comfort

we carry them with us to visit


every human on this earth

who has not care from friend

or government, who has not

clean water to drink

or blanket to wrap

or soup to spoon

or medicine to heal

we are sorry

I am so so so sorry

though it is no consolation

I carry you in my heart

heavy with sorrow

burdened by wondering -how-?

we see you, through a glass darkly

what good is it to promise

salvation later?

redemption from the past?

pie in the sky?

to someone who is truly hungry?

sometimes, these wings of faith

feel like wings of lead

only God can make our wings

into stardust woven with light again

Oh, God, hear our prayer

Oh, Holy Lady, sure aid of those in despair

Come now. Come now. Come now.

Motivate us humans to do God’s work on earth.

Loving One Another. Loving One Another. Wake us.


Shiloh Sophia McCloud

In the Wake of the Haiti Earthquake