The Journey


She wasn’t sure how long it would take

And she didn’t know just where she was going

But she felt she was on the path

Sometimes she would ask for


Women would come and dance with her

They sang their troubles to the moon

She loved to be with her sisters

Relationship made her feel


She was content, which is a lot

Sometimes she was confused, tired, lonely and scared

She was also curious, joyful, strong, happy and free

Most of all, she experienced and walked with


Sometimes she would arrive at a community

Sharing, building, serving, learning and praying with others

She always knew when it was time to move on

When she left she always felt overwhelming


One day,  a storm gathered in the lavender sky

She sought shelter beneath a giant oak

She called the tree “Mama”

And she delighted in the


When the rain stopped she kept moving

Arriving at destinations only to find new ones

She began to understand what this was all about

She laughed out loud when she realized her


Her journey of freedom, movement

seeking, finding, being, loving was her path

She felt more herself than she had ever before

Her creative spirit soared with renewed


Shiloh Sophia

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