Divine Instruction

photo taken at 12:26 on 1/10/10 at Electric Rose Gallery

Listening for the divine instruction

I sit real quiet on the edge of my thought.

Trying not to interrupt the possibility

that some holy red thread

of wisdom might

reach through the veils to my own heart.

Am I in my own way?

The thoughts beckon away from stillness.

Am I missing something here?

Ideas that lead nowhere perch, hem, haw.

You think God listens to you?

Doubts insert their unwelcome conversation.

For a while, I listen and I am led away.


Finding no bloom no blossom no bliss

in that other place where I am not believing,

I make my way back. Slowly. Deliberately.

Drudging through Fear. Tiredness.

Disappointment. Lack of what is needed.

Moving through spaces thick with uncertainty.

I finally emerge again.  I find, I am

Still whole.

While still in need of God’s Grace.

I settle onto my perch of expectancy

and gratitude.

Open the door to my heart.

Breath the breathe of all beings.

Reach again towards the sweet

fragrance of the Holy Spirit

Listening for the divine instruction.

Knowing, her eye is on the world

and in my life.