Who Will We Be? Embracing Our Economy

I Believe Affirmation Poster By Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2010

Who Are We Going to Be?

I have a strange notion to embrace our economy.  A mystical sense that to navigate these changes with grace will require deep love and profound creativity. Not regret or blame. While at every turn, fear is present with the “what if’s” it has always used to leverage itself into our lives. Each day, I face fear with paintbrush and pen in hand and kindly reply, “I have no need of your stories, but, thank you for reminding me to pay attention”  To choose not to submit, when fear, regret, blame, shame and other not-so-kind frequencies have been laced into the air by the unseen hands of doom sayers– well, it takes courage. But be courageous we must!

I do not wish to be blind to what is occurring. Whether we “believe” there is enough, or “believe” we are running out – kind of doesn’t matter since they are both true. We know scarcity is an illusion – but knowing that does not make it go away in the world – but it does make it go away in our mind – because we choose not to live in the version of scarcity being sold. It costs way to much.

I do not have to follow the news moment by moment to learn that people I love cannot go to the dentist, or make this month’s car payment or pay for their child’s day care. For me to tell them they need to change their thinking because everything they need is right here if they will just open themselves to the flow of abundance, is not my style. Even if that were true, there are other ways we can speak to those in trouble – and in my experience, it is not telling them they aren’t thinking good enough thoughts. But I can offer another perspective, and it is my mother who taught perspective way back in the hard times of childhood – she showed me how to see what was going on for what it was – and not to make it mean something about me, personally. In short, take on the challenge, but don’t “take it on” as baggage that would need to be sorted out later.

No matter what anyone says, I don’t think we know what things are going to look like as this economic journey unfolds. I know that people cannot find work easily. I know that other people are getting rich. I know that people are losing their homes. I know others are buying them up. People are unable to give the way they used to. Others are giving more than ever.  The reason why I think it cannot be predicted is because regardless of the numbers, the “experts” cannot predict who we will be during this process. The experts don’t know who we are – we are not numbers or consumers – we are people, citizens of spaceship earth. And people in hard times past have many times chosen generosity over hoarding. Patience over panic. Longevity over immediacy. Who will we choose to be this time around?

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours. – Richard Bach

We are Americans. We have lived fast. Dreamed hard. Hoped big. Used much. Taken risks. Used what did not belong to us. Went on midnight sprees of destruction. And said, we will deal with it later, there is time. Now we are hearing there is not enough time, not enough resources, and we are being forced to take account and pay up in various ways. But only one question really lingers for me which will determine the outcome  – Who are we going to be?  We have also played hard, been visionary, created opportunities, explored the moon, and done more humanitarian things as a people than can be counted. There is no question we are amazing. And short sighted. But only one question really lingers for me which will determine the outcome  – Who are we going to be? Who are you going to be? Feel free to join the conversation by posting a response!

Hopefully, we will be gracious co-designers of a future of which we can one day say:

“LOVE was the motivating force within all of our choices.”

Imagine that?! Will you imagine what that looks like with me?

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist
and evolutionary strategist. Buckminster Fuller

WHO WILL BE – tiny ritual

Use only one sentence per question and write what comes up without editing.

Who you think you were being in 2009

Who you think you are being right now at the start of 2010.

Now, regardless of current challenges/circumstances:

Who do you want to show up as for the rest of 2010?

Finally, write an affirmation about that – and POST IT WHERE YOU CAN SEE IT.

Blessings to you,

Regarding the Poster: I Believe In My Possibilities: I made this poster a few years back and only printed a handful of them, and then just forgot about the file! Recently it re-appeared and so I thought it was perfect timing for us and sums up who I will be in 2010.  You can order a downloadable poster of  I BELIEVE in 8X10 to print or use on your desktop. The image is Heart of the Visionary, which is the cover image for our book, Heart of the Visionary – A Workbook for Women’s Work.