Oh Blessed Lady! We Welcome Our Futures

Mystical Rose By Shiloh Sophia McCloud ©2009

Blessed Lady of all that is good and bright.

Thank you for the gifts of this year as we each release it into the blue moonlight.

Wrap your red threaded cape about our shoulders to keep the chill off while we whisper our regrets

and welcome our futures.

So much uncertainty Lady, causes us to falter, not knowing which way to go

I snuggle deeper into your scarlet cape smelling of clove, cinnamon and dark red rose

SHHHHH….listen. You tell me.


Your heart will tell you which way to turn.

Don’t turn as the world turns my child.

Turn the way your heart tells you.

But this takes much listening.

There is a pure place there where you can hear clearly.

Find it.

I am with you as you go along your path.

Faith will be your lantern.

Hope will be your signposts.

Courage will be your companion

and, your Mother

will be your Mother.

Thank you thank you…We welcome our futures.

Shiloh Sophia

11:55am Dec.31, 2009