Interview with the Visionary Self – A 20 Minute Breakthrough Practice

Focusing on Beauty ©2009 Shilloh Sophia McCloud

Interview With Your Visionary Self – A 20 Minute Seven Step Creative Practice

© 2009 Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The visionary self is really just you wearing your visionary lenses. It is you when you look deeply into your life and your heart with an intention to SEE beyond what is just “there” into what is possible. I believe all of us are visionaries and that we just need practice “being” visionary as it relates to our own life. So here is a little 20 Minute Breakthrough Practice to activate your visionary self!

The reason why this is a “breakthrough” is because by articulating your vision in your mind and heart, and then in writing – you shorten the distance between you and your vision considerably because you are taking time to “touch” the vision.  You are connecting right and left brain and letting the universe know – I am making contact with my vision. It sends out a visionary signal, saying, THIS VISIONARY is dreaming today! We can learn to tend our visionary self, and love it and listen to the inner promptings. If we just did that – our whole life would be lived very differently. So listen carefully to what comes up from within you when you do this practice. The reason I say 20 minutes because it really doesn’t have to take that long as long as you don’t over-monitor yourself or call in the perfectionist! Just move through quickly and easily, write what comes to mind without editing. Then if and when you are inspired you can always do it again and refine it, and of course, put it into action, which is what makes the difference in the lives of all visionaries, putting our dreams into actions. Blessings dear visionary!

Materials: 1 piece of 8.5X11 paper. One writing tool.


1. Fold paper in four and print your name and the date at the top with the title: Visionary Self Interview

2. With one word in each section write the following: WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN.

At the bottom write: WHY

3. Close your eyes and take a peaceful bountiful breath and imagine your cells smiling

4. Choose to see an ideal day for your visionary self as if it is a moving picture in your mind.

5. Make a mental note of who you are in this vision. Note what you are wearing. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? What is important to you? What is surprising you?

6. Open your eyes and answer the following questions in each section.

In your vision:


who are you being?


what are you doing?


where is it taking place?


when is it happening?


why are you doing it?

The why is the MOST IMPORTANT part – because if you don’t know WHY you are doing something – then it is hard for the vision to be fueled. The WHY is what drives the actions, gives you the reason.

The why is the dream….your purpose…your calling.

7. Give thanks. And choose when you are going to take action – and what that action looks like. It might be to refine the practice you just did. Then embellish this paper with dots and swirls and stars and hearts and wings and doodles to bring completion to your Visionary Self Interview. And sign, your name.

This Visionary Self Interview is JUST the kind of thing which builds a dream. One step at a time we draw nearer and nearer that which is dear and important to us. The most important question of all though is:

Why not be visionary?

I just shared this practice last night at East West books in Mountain View with 28 guests. It was WONDERFUL to see how moved folks were by contacting their vision, last night I called it an Intention Interview but I changed the title today. We were there presenting on Heart of the Visionary, A Workbook for Women’s work, which is a book for women in business we published last year.

If you are inspired to share, write a comment on this blog (not on FB).

Click Here if you want a downloadable pdf of this practice, the password to access it is: visionary.