Every Woman Is The Queen of Her Own Heart

The Queen of Her Own Heart by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The Queen of Her Own Heart by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Every woman is the Queen of Her Own Heart.

She must decide how to govern her own domain.

She seeks friends and allies that honor who she is now

and who she is becoming.

She has the power to create miracles.

Her prayers and intentions manifest in right order.

She does not know how or when her needs will be met,

but she trusts the will of the Divine.

Being the Queen of one’s domain is not about being

the ruler over anyone else’s life or ideas.

And it isn’t even about calling herself a Queen.

It is about self honor. It is about choice.

It is about knowing her limits and setting her boundaries.

And about encouraging others to live their possibilities.

It is about learning how to live with what comes her way,

with as much grace, majesty and justice as she can.

And sometimes, yes, she has to have her own way!

She claims her unique destiny and recognizes she has a calling.

A calling to greatness within her own life.

And within her own heart.


The Queen of Her Own Heart invites others to join her there –

in the middle of the awakened sacred heart.

She invites others to love powerfully – unconditionally –

while at the same time practicing discernment and wisdom.

She is forgiving. And she believes healing is at hand.

She leads her own life as grand experiment in happiness,

in creativity and in abundance.

She offers her gifts to others, but not to her own detriment.

She rests as she needs to, ruling one’s own life takes energy.

She chooses to embody wholeness

even when she feels fragmented by all there is to do.

She holds the prayers of the world within her

because she cares what happens – with everyone –

even though she cannot reach them all. She reaches who she can.

She often feels like she is not pulling it all off,

and sometimes she isn’t. But she keeps reaching anyway.

She keeps opening her heart and being in her own power.

Knowing and Sharing her heart is ecstasy.

Sharing the heart of her beloved is absolute and perfect joy.

She lives in gratitude.

©2009 Shiloh Sophia McCloud


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This painting The Queen of Her Own Heart was sold almost two years ago to a lovely woman, Libby Pink who has just donated it to the Margaret Okari on-going auction and fund raising project that we are working on. Libby Pink came to one of my workshops, and from that, made a plan to create a children’s book, Lotus and the Golden Pearl, which she has just published! She wrote about the experience on libbypink.com. I love hearing the success stories of visionaries, and most especially if I got to be a part of a divine link to a dream come true! YA!  And so, Libby in her generosity has offered this painting back as a gift, to help us raise the funds to create a library in Kenya at the Margaret Okari Children’s Foundation.

We just had a big wonderful event, with the Founder, Kwamboka Okari, with Alice Walker as the keynote speaker as a part of our Bountiful Visionary Conference last weekend. AND, many of our Cosmic Cowgirls were so inspired, a handful of them are heading to Kenya to work with the school!

If you are interested in supporting this process, and being a part of this legend, and getting an amazing painting in the process for less than 1/2 of the retail value! Then, join us in the bidding on e-bay! You will also get a tax write off! Do you want to take one of my most sought after paintings home with you!? The day I brought it into the gallery, three women wanted to purchase it that day – Libby won. And now, The Queen is making her rounds and finding her new dwelling!