Doing What There Is To Do and Something Else Too – A Hymn from the Moon

Divine Wisdom by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Divine Wisdom by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

I left the curtains open last night

in hopes that our bright moon

would make her way, my way

Finally she came,

shining her search light into my room.

The sky, cobalt and blackberry blue

With black leave patterns silhouettes

from bay, wild grape and ancient oak

framed her presence

she illumined the room with

warm lilac light, bathing me in moon dust,

and millions of others at the same time

who may be seeking her moon medicine.

It was too early, but she woke me

so that I might be at attention.

I listened intently.

Saying morning prayers.

For as long a I can remember

the moon has inspired prayers

moon, after all, was my first word

and her presence used to excite me

to no end, as I sat atop the shoulders

of the one who showed her to me,

saying moon moon moon,

(the finger pointing at the moon)

my family still remembers

how I said, it, and tells me,

it sounded something like

muen muen muen!

And this morning as I listened

watched, waited, adjusted

pillows for moon gazing

her glow glowing on my face

the questions came

not as barbs of prompting

but as sweet cakes of wonder.

What do you really want?

How do you really want to spend time?

What is really important to you now?

What do you really want to create?

Knowing what you know.

Doing what you have been doing.

Now that you have done so much

Of what you said you wanted to do

What is next?

Don’t just let it continue to unfold

And be at circumstance of previous planning

Cause the next thing.

Plan the next dance.

Listen for the next line.

Today like every day,

you can choose to wake up

and do what there is to do

or you can do that,

and something else too.

That is how we, who are visionary (i.e. busy bees)

will continue to create:

By doing what there is to do

and something else too.

What is the something else too?

For you?

Then, the moon, she passed by my white lace curtain

and left me to write by candlelight.

Location: Casa De Vida – Room of My Own, White writing desk.

Pink Rose in blue vase. 5 am November 3, 2009

Dry Creek Valley, Healdsburg, California

Adornment: Pink Pajamas

Grandmother Helen’s turquoise shall on my shoulders

And Grandmother Eden’s pink blankie on my knees.

She hated pink, so this blanket, means, she loved me.

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