Striking A Holy Balance

Creating A New Future by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Creating A New Future ©2009 - This is my most recent painting - and this is not a good photo of this new peice, that will come next week. She is surrounded by prayers on strips of paper that folks wrote in the prayer bowls at the galleries.

Our Lady of Light

shine your brightness this way

illumine us towards loving kindness

give us the peace and courage to continue

when our challenges seem too many

the sensitive ones, who feel the cries of the world

in their bones

feel sick with worry and with wonder

ask the ancient grandmothers to wrap

their shawls about the bony shoulders of our despair

we want to dance and sing and give thanks

and we do. we feel the Saints dancing with us.

but the weight of suffering presses us,

how can we even do the laundry in peace?

or eat steak and potatoes in bliss

when we know the price? as well as all

the stories. how can it be?

statistics regarding violence against women getting

worse? WHAT? after all the work of our grandmothers?

how do we live? how do we breathe? how can we be happy?

there is a holy balance

I know…I know…

a holy balance

strung tight between

our hearts and a burning bush

that allows us to live

with the gravity of knowing

and still keep the particles of hope buoyant.

many days I feel the flame on my own sagrado corazon

might burn me up. hot. hot. hot! rage. peace. rage. peace.

create art. create art. pray hard. pray pray pray pray. rage. pray.

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.

Lady of light

most of those I know

are strung tight already

with the sacred and the wild spirits in us

warring for position in our lives

I am not the only one who wants to be an ascetic nun

and have my cake and eat it too

I am not the only one

who stays up too late drinking red wine

and finds her way to church anyway

the hymns entering my cells, healing

the drunken dissidence in me.

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.

it is all of us who want to breathe the divine breathe

and who want to do whatever the heck we feel like, too.

I think, even the worst of our species, wishes

somewhere in their dark heart

to be held by their Blessed Mother. Don’t they?

but I shall leave you to tend the destiny of the your worst children,

thankfully that is not our job as humans,

we would make a mess of that too

like we have tried to make of the earth in our ignorance.

why do we keep ruining things?

things precious and innocent,

we destroy in our madness.

Our Lady of Light,

send your healing to a young woman who lives not far from me

who by hell’s fury was dragged through what no one should ever ever ever

and, like the others who rage, I will continue to cry out for God’s justice.

I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what justice looks like.

we have long since lost our logic to madness and scarcity and profiteering.

this writing is a feeble prayer of mine. a shooting star gone bad.

broken bread on a broken altar from a broken hearted world.

show us how to continue, in grace. and

end this madness, call a meeting in Heaven!

and then send us the minutes so we will know what in the world

to do.

“If you cannot prayer a real prayer,

pray a dry mouthed prayer,

God accepts counterfeit money

as though it were real.”


Prayer Bowl at Electric Rose Gallery

Prayer Bowl at Electric Rose Gallery

Let us send prayers, cards, offerings, and donations to show our hearts.

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